UPDATED: Elk Grove News Podcast - Did the City Council Reaffirm Elk Grove's 'Redneck' Heritage?

UPDATED  May 26 1 p.m. | 

UPDATE - Although it was not spoken during the podcast, Mayor Steve Ly, and Councilmembers Stephanie Nguyen and Darren Suen were invited to discuss their respective votes on the proclamation. 

Ly said he would let his comments during the meeting stand. Nguyen and Suen did not respond to the invitation to comment (see email below). 

Over the last several years, the City of Elk Grove has touted the racial, ethnic and religious diversity of it 175 thousand plus residents.

This diversity has been used not only to promote civic pride, but it has also been used as a marketing tool to promote its fledgling tourism and economic development efforts.

In the year 2020 Elk Grove is a far different city than it was 40 years ago.

Or is it? 

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Randy Bekker said...

Some times it is best to leave a sleeping dog Lie... lol Our Mayor himself through his politics associates himself with racist people. But through politics it is ok for that group to carry on an call out people but make choices that they do not look in the mirror. Our mayor represents all the residence even though he does not agree with them or their political followings. It is clear our Mayor’s bias in this issue. EGLF having 48,000 likes to its main page an thousands that follow along. EGLF is the biggest Local news gathering, an blog that allows citizens to have many conversations that sometimes Citizens are able to express their views even if they are unpopular. The Mayor by taking a biased position also did not take the time to list the many things that Mr. Souza gives back to our community. Even this page I do not agree with politics or some of the biased subjects you to have a place in our community. This issue had nothing to do with our past but it had to do with our present. Mayor Ly failed to represent a large majority of residence. Instead he pandered to his political followers. Our city is diverse but it is made up of mostly moderate Democrats an Republicans. The Progressive Democrats continues to try an muscle there way to power an when they can they make it seem they are in power an they are not. I would suggest looking in the mirror before you continue this racially divided journey as there are those you surround yourself with that have there own racial bias.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Regardless of their political party affiliation, Nguyen and Suen march to the same drummers as do their Republican Council counterparts. This isn't about party--it's about paying your respect.

As the old-time Elk Grovian landowners systematically sell their land holdings to the homebuilders and retail developers, all electeds except Ly remain in office by toeing the line and keeping the money pipeline open--this has nothing to do with being a Republican or a Democrat!

You see, Elk Grove is a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid are the old-time Elk Grovian landowners who once upon a time were farmers. They make the land available ($$) to the real estate speculators who are interested in building homes and shopping centers. They are at the middle of the pyramid.

The City Council also sit at the middle of the pyramid, and their job is to remove the "speculation" and risk involved in land development. With a Council of five, it only takes three votes to get anything you want.

Then we have the bottom of the pyramid--the end users. The bottom of the pyramid, or as I would refer to as the "little people", who fork over their money day in and day out to keep the cycle going and the "Boys in Granite Bay" smiling!

The fact that one of the boys at the top of the pyramid chooses to run a blog for 10 years as a sideshow is just the excuse for the plaque. This is more about the middle of the pyramid paying homage to one of the good ol' boys at the top of the pyramid--Respect.

White Hat said...

After listening to this podcast, I can't help but wonder if maybe Dan is a little jealous about not receiving recognition himself. But of course he will never be recognized or receive any plaques, and there is no reason he should, as this page does very little to keep us informed. Dan makes a point of letting us know Steve Ly's stand on this recognition, as if any of us really care. Steve Ly has already proven he doesn't care about any of us, he only cares about his own political people. In fact, the only time any of us see Steve Ly, is when there's a photo opportunity for him. That now leads us to Sonia Lewis's (aka: SoniBollonie Lewis)comments. A visit to her page and you will quickly find out about her dislike of white people.

Eye on Elk Grove said...

Are you serious? Like EGN is crying, "You don't like me!" a la Sally Field!

And whomever White Hat is, your nickname for Sonia Lewis shows who you really are. We believe you! See Maya Angelou.

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