Elk Grove News Minute - MAGA-like behavior of the Elk Grove City Council

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Since the start of Elk Grove City Council’s COVID 19 teleconference meetings, a disturbing practice has emerged that has certain MAGA-like characteristics. 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Throughout Elk Grove's history, most if not all of the current and past Council members, have said they would bring greater transparency to City Hall if they were elected. City Hall is so transparent now, it is almost invisible! Stealthy!

Written public comments, once submitted are so transparent, they seem to vanish into a stealth trash can! And public comments spoken during Council meetings are so transparent, they seem to vanish once the words leave the speaker's mouth! And depending on who the speaker is, specific questions raised during public comment are so transparent, they never get answered and must be like a dog whistle--only the dogs can hear them!

Houdini would have been so proud of the Invisible City Hall at Elk Grove.

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