'Take The Pledge' gathers signatories of elected officials, candidates who will not accept law enforcement contributions

One of the effects of calls for law enforcement reform following the death of Mr. George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police is the formation of a new Sacramento area group that seeks to have elected officials and candidates refuse campaign contributions from law enforcement interest groups.

A group calling itself Take The Pledge, have urged other elected official and candidates in the Sacramento area to sign their Pledge to Reject campaign contributions from law enforcement agencies. The movement was launched by Zima Creason, San Juan Unified School District Board Member, Tamika L’Ecluse, American River Flood Control District Board Member; Katie Valenzuela, Councilmember-Elect, City of Sacramento; and Mai Vang, Sacramento City Unified School District Board Member and Sacramento City Council candidate.

The information posted on their site says "Historically, law enforcement and their associations have used their political contributions and power to warp the conversation about public safety. Accordingly, elected officials that receive those contributions undermine community trust in their ability to perform that oversight role. It is time to end this conflict."

Along with the four founders, local elected officials and candidates who have signed the pledge since its launch yesterday are the following:

Candidate, Regina Q. Banks, EGUSD School Board, Area 1
Candidate, Amandeep Singh, Elk Grove City Council, District 3    
Candidate, Chinua Rhodes, SCUSD School Board, Area 5
Candidate, Chris Yatooma, Los Rios CCD, Area 3
Elected Official, Rachelanne Vander Werf, American River Flood Control District, Trustee
Elected Official, Karen Bernal, Sac Dem Central Committee, Supervisor Dist 1
Elected Official, Paula Villescaz, San Juan Unified School Board
Elected Official, Tracie Stafford, District Director, CADEM African American Caucus, SD 7
Elected Official, Steve Ly, Mayor, City of Elk Grove
Elected Official, Jackie Thu-Huong Wong, Washington USD

As the highest-ranking elected officials to make the pledge, Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly noted he supports Elk Grove Police. He added, "I just feel it's better transparency if I politely decline campaign contributions."

Elk Grove City Council District 3 candidate Amandeep Singh also added his name to the list. Noting that public safety jobs like policing and firefighting are honorable professions and vital community functions, Singh added they should be unbiased and that politicians seek the endorsements for their own benefit.

"The unions' endorsement is contradictory to their professionalism. We need to keep these professions neutral and do not involve in politics," Singh said. "Therefore, I am pledging to not seek any endorsement and campaign donations from either police or firefighters unions."

Two other Elk Grove District 3 city council candidates Kevin Spease and Lynn Wheat have not been contacted by the group. When he ran for Elk Grove Mayor is 2016 Spease received the endorsement of the Elk Grove Police Officers Association. 

The fourth candidate for District 3 Maureen Craft said she was contacted but will issue an independent statement next week. Elk Grove District 1 candidate Ali Moua has not been contacted as of this posting. 

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