Tighter restrictions on short-term Airbnb-type rentals adopted in Elk Grove

New Regulations for Airbnb-Style Short-Term Rentals Go Into Effect ...

As expected, last night the Elk Grove City Council adopted tighter restrictions on short-term residential rentals offered through apps like Airbnb and VRBO. The limits came after several meetings and public hearings by both the city council and the Elk Grove Planning Commission.

The 4 - 0 vote (Councilmember Stephanie Nguyen did not attend the city council meeting) will offer several restrictions that the city hopes to curb problems from short-term rentals. Among the problem encountered has been the rental of residential dwelling for parties, where at one gathering there was a non-lethal shooting.

Among the features in the new ordinance is the requirement that operators offering short-term residential dwellings of less than 30 days have a special three-year business license, rentals would be for no less the two days and no more than 30 days, prohibit the rental of rooms by separate guests, and prohibit open-invitation parties and gatherings. The new regulations will reinforce that rental operators must pay room sales taxes, which are estimated to generate $156,000 in fees annually to the city, and failure would result in suspension and revocation of the license. 

According to the report by Shane Diller, assistant development director for the city, the first violations would initiate an investigation by code enforcement and could result in fines. Second violations within one year would result in a 180-day suspension of the operating license, and a third would trigger revocation. 

"The ordinance does allow for immediate revocation if there is an immediate threat to public health or safety," Diller said. 

Diller added that if a license is revoked, operators will have to wait one year before they can reapply. The license application fees will be considered at the July 22 city council meeting.

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

The Council blew it. Word on the street is Elk Grove is a up-and-coming tourist destination! Elk Grove is ideally located midway between Redding and Bakersfield, and what better way to cool off as you travel through the grapes of wrath in the summer, than to support our unique brew pub economy and bunk down in a spacious tract home BNB.

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