Elk Grove News Podcasts - Public comments during city council meeting still heated in Ly, Singh-Allen controversy

Even though there were only a handful of comments compared to the August 12 session, during the Wednesday, August 26 Elk Grove City Council meeting speakers still presented arguments on the ongoing controversy between Mayor Steve Ly and Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Bobbie-Singh-Allen who is challenging the two-term mayor.

Speaking during the public comments section of the meeting, the speakers called in mostly to claim the city is not addressing what they say are attacks being waged against the Hmong community by Singh-Allen. The controversy erupted after Singh-Allen posted social media comments that members of the Hmong-community say demeaned the culture calling them sheep and their patriarchal system was hostile towards women.

The first speaker who identified herself as Mai Tou who started by telling the city council "you really need to do your job" and criticized the August 12 meeting where speakers were limited to one during public comment. Tu then said she would read her comments that were limited at that meeting.

Tu suggested that the city council members listened to the complaints by Elk Grove Unified School District Trustees Nancy Chaires-Espinoza and Bobbie Singh-Allen and Cosumnes Community Service District Director Jaclyn Moreno. During the August 12 meeting, the city council decided, in part based on their claims that Ly had harassed them, to ask for an investigation by the Sacramento County Grand Jury of Ly's alleged actions. 

"Our voices were dismissed by the four city council members because we are not elected," she said in reference to claims by Elk Grove Unified School District Trustees Nancy Chaires. "We [the Hmong community] have been called attack dogs and accused of distance shaming by Bobbie Singh-Allen without a comprehensive understanding of our culture. and community."

Speaking on behalf of the aggrieved women was former Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Paul Lindsay who had organized an online petition calling for Ly's resignation. Lindsay noted Ly had lost his endorsement from the Democratic Party of Sacramento County, been the subject of a critical editorial by the Sacramento Bee, and suggested that since his political support was collapsing, he should resign.

"Clearly, the Bee's editorial was calling for your resignation," Lindsay noted. "So tonight I repeat my call - show us you can put Elk Grove ahead of your own narrow self-interest, do the right thing for Elk Grove, resign."  

During her public comments, Marie Vue urged the city council to address what she said was racism She said certain people in Elk Grove are threatened based on their race and it is not being addressed by elected officials. 

"Elk Grove officials, you guys are walking on a very dangerous path," she said. "You have failed to acknowledge and address the racism in this city is appalling. Your lack of action is noticeable."

After citing other race-based hate in the city, Vue added the city council should "address the problem of racism in this community or get the hell out."

Below is an audio of some of the public comments, and hear Elk Grove City Councilmember Pat Hume respond to allegations leveled against him by some of the speakers. 

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Josie said...

Not being of either ethnicity of Ly or BSA I find it appalling that our city leaders have entered this ethnic war and publicly endorsed one of them. Neither will get my vote as I will write-in Pat Perez, the earlier candidate for Mayor who later pulled his candidacy. He was someone who a few years back had great reviews with his leading at CSD. Time to clean-up the Peoples House.... actually over-due!

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

It is worth monitoring if this spills over to the contest between Mr. Suen and Mr. Moua. Quite easily, Mr. Moua could put Mr. Suen on the defensive saying, whether or not it is with merit, that Mr. Suen was bullied by Ms. Singh-Allen and that his endorsement is a signal he supports what the Hmong community is calling attacks on their community. Silence is complicity if you will.

And Ms. Josie, I agree with you. I've never voted for Mr. Ly, and the actions by Ms. Singh-Allen and her supporters are not earning my confidence in her ability to unite various political factions. I too may write in someone for mayor this time around.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

The Mayor's position is way overrated. It's one vote, and he/she gets the same black binder every two weeks as the other four Council members. Everyone votes yes, Granite Bay is happy, and their handlers allow them to stay in office! It's not rocket science.

Eye on Elk Grove said...

Those of us with long memories remember when Bobbie Singh-Allen was a lobbyist whose clients included Elk Grove housing developers. Where was her outrage when one of the Elk Grove City Council members she actively supported, in approving the rezone by the propane tanks – which active residents opposed – proclaimed, “Let those kind of people live there!”

We didn’t let that comment go and spoke up at the next council meeting. The Bee did an entire article on it. And of course, every single Elk Grove City Council member was silent on the remark.

Now BSA is outraged because she alleges was referred to as “That woman!” Now she has morphed into “Wonder Woman!”

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Good historical recall Eye on!

This is looking like a race between two candidates with skeletons in their closets--one with money and big endorsements; and one with money, no endorsements, but possibly a campaign plane!

Randy Bekker said...

D.J. with all the fires an air quality that plane could get grounded. Ly might want to come up with a plan B. Moua seems to be the attorney that will save the day with demands from Singh-Allen a letter delivered to EGUSD. He might not forget he has not denounced Ly’s behavior as it will follow him like a piece of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of his shoe. He will soon realize running for a political office it’s best not to cast stones as the rocks coming flying back.

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