Singh-Allen adds four Elk Grove City Councilmembers to her list of endorsements in mayoral candidacy

Elk Grove Mayoral candidate Bobbie Singh-Allen (center) is endorsed by Elk Grove Vice Mayor Steve Detrick (left), and councilmembers Darren Suen, Stephanie Nguyen, and Pat Hume. | 

In her bid to unseat Elk Grove's incumbent mayor in November elections, Bobbie Singh-Allen has received the endorsement of four members of the Elk Grove City Council.

Singh-Allen, who is a Trustee for the Elk Grove Unified School District, announced her challenge to Mayor Steve Ly last month. In a statement released today, the Singh-Allen campaign said the endorsement of Ly's four city council colleagues was a vote of confidence in her candidacy.

Ly, who was first elected to the Elk Grove City Council in 2014 after serving with Singh-Allen for two years on the EGUSD Board of Trustees, was elected mayor in 2016 after former Mayor Gary Davis did not seek reelection. Singh-Allen has served as Trustee since her 2012 appointment and has run unopposed in 2014 and 2018. 

The Singh-Allen endorsement statement noted since Ly became mayor, the four councilmembers have attempted to put "ideology and personal feelings aside to try to work together with the current Mayor to no avail." Even though Ly and the four city council almost always vote unanimous on items before them, he has not developed any political alliances on the city council outside his first two years when he was aligned with Davis.  

In their respective statements, each of the councilmembers cited their length of relationship with Singh-Allen and cited qualitative reasons why voters should elect her. All four did not mention Ly by name and avoided direct criticism.

Typical of the comments came from Councilmember Pat Hume. As the current longest-serving city councilmember, Hume said Singh-Allen "brings communities and stakeholders together to find common-sense solutions" and "when a Mayor is able to work with and be trusted by the City Council, Elk Grove wins."

Although Singh-Allen has surpassed Ly not only with the endorsement of the city council and most other prominent locally elected officials, including Rep. Ami Bera, this is not unfamiliar territory for Ly. When Elk Grove Councilmember Darren Suen unsuccessfully challenged Ly in 2018, Ly had lost the Sacramento Bee endorsement, who supported him in 2016 and was not endorsed by any of his city council colleagues. 

Singh-Allen's statement also claimed despite earnest efforts to work with Ly, those efforts have failed, and the four members desire responsive and trusted leadership from the mayor's office. "Our city needs a Council and Mayor that can work together," the statement noted. 

See the complete endorsements of each councilmember in the video.

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Ask Darren Suen how these endorsements worked for him!

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