Amandeep Singh kicks-off Elk Grove City Council District 3 campaign

Using the traditional Labor Day weekend launch of presidential campaigns, yesterday Amandeep Singh held a campaign kick-off event in his bid for the Elk Grove City Council. Singh is one of five candidates seeking to fill the open District 3 seat after incumbent Steve Detrick decided earlier this year against pursuing a fourth term.

With family, campaign volunteers, and supporters gathered at his campaign office on Elsie Road in Sacramento, Singh noted the three primary issues he hopes to address if elected. Those issues are economic development, homelessness, and traffic congestion.

Singh's entire presentation can be viewed in the below video.

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

So, let me see if I got this a County government employee "you were involved in the planning" of Elk Grove, but now we should elect you because you can fix it???

Glad to see those 20 years worth of County government paychecks were put to good use.

Randy Bekker said...

Traffic, Jobs, Homeless hmmmmm pretty simple. Traffic congestion doesn’t need studies it needs money, that was easy. Jobs, to figure out where people work he said. We have over 20,000 residents that work downtown that are State or county employees an commute to downtown areas of Sacramento. Of course he should know this as someone who works for the county that planned this mess. That was easy! Homelessness not everything can be fixed through social services or taking money from our police department or anywhere else. I would think the 1st thing to do is find out what the city is currently doing an what services the police department offers our homeless residents. That was easy!

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Aside from Ms. Lynn Wheat, none of the candidates are offering anything concrete for addressing the city's challenges in substantive ways.

Everyone wants less crime, less traffic, and more jobs - that is a given. The real question that none of the candidates address, with the possible exception of Ms. Wheat, is what broader policies should be addressed to solve these challenges. I'm sure if you ask Ms. Wheat, she will acknowledge she does not have all the answers, but she grasps the policy nuances needed to at least direct city policy toward solutions, not just a nice slogan or sound bite.

In all levels of politics, even local politics, many voters select their candidates for purely emotional reasons. In Elk Grove, voters, unfortunately, will choose this candidate because of their gender, a gift left on their doorstep, or perhaps because the candidate volunteers at every imaginable event so that they can plaster their picture all over social media saying "look at me"!

As long as voters select their local representatives in this manner, the solutions to these challenges will go unaddressed. They'll continue their performance art on the dais for their purposes and their big-money contributors, not that of constituents.

Steve L said...

Well stated, Captain

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