District 3 Elk Grove City Council candidate Maureen Craft issues statement on Presidential debate

Following last night's first Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Elk Grove District 3 City Council candidate Maureen Craft issued a statement, which can be read below.

By Maureen Craft | 

After last night's debacle of a debate, there is never a more important time in history to cast your vote for the people and the party that is going to get us out of the ash pile that we are in and it's the Democratic Party. It's time for a change and we are prepared to deliver that change, at the national, state and at the local levels. The contrast is clear at the Presidential level who is for all Americans and who sells hate and division.
Trump Republicans are at all levels. They're everywhere! Don't be fooled by "non-partisan" voting on the local level.

Who do you think votes people like Trump into office? Republicans!

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Spoons and Forks said...

Given how vile Trump was at last night's debate, I wonder how other candidates in Elk Grove feel about him. By my count there is only one Republican on the ballot in Elk Grove and that would be Kevin Spease. Before people vote, we should know how our candidates feel about Trump who is a threat to our democracy.

And Randy and Whitehat[e], unless you are a paid spokesperson for Kevin, allow him to wear his big boy pants and speak for himself like Maureen did, that is unless he is not willing to speak on the subject which he means he is a Trump supporter. And yes, party affiliation does matter even in local elections.

Randy Bekker said...

Where is her denouncement of Ly. Just because she deleted the video of Ly’s endorsement it doesn’t hide her cozy political relationship with Ly as her campaign sign is up at Ly’s Headquarters. She has been silent on the issue but posts this because Kevin is a Republican. Kevin is an upstanding community member that his devotion to so many community events. Volunteering is his middle name. So being a Republican has no bearing on District 3 representing citizens. So Maureen where is the public denouncement of Ly? Where is the letter that you believe all the women that were abused by Ly or his associates. Remember Ms. Moreno was you 2 years ago so why do you think for one minute Ly or his associates won’t abuse you? The letter needs to be public in all local news blogs. It needs to be done now Maureen!

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Look, Elk Grove politics is all about the Granite Bay developer boys keeping their grip on their investments. They buy Council seats and all that is needed are YES votes every two weeks. Let's not complicate things!

White Hat said...

Dear Spoons, again you're delusional and showing your immaturity. Referring to me as Whitehat[e] says quite a bit. I surprised you didn't throw out the race card again.

To Ms. Craft, you're running for a city council position, not president. By bringing party affiliation into question, it only shows you more than likely won't play nice with other council members. Maybe you should open your eyes and see who is rioting and destroying cities across this country. I'll give you a hint, it's not the republicans. I'm sure most Elk Grove citizens don't want that happening in our city.

Unknown said...

Shirley Chisholm

Dear Whitehat(e), you are delusional. If you are not watching what is going on in this country brought on by President Orange Hair, then I will invite you to come out from under your rock.

Ms. Craft is running for a City Council position and nothing about her statement as a black woman has anything to do with rioting. And your backwards comment about rioting is just a way for your to insult black people by insinuating they were doing the rioting. Once again, Whitehat(e) get your facts straight. And I am appalled at you questioning her character, saying she will not play nice. Why? Because she is making an honest statement. You need to know it is a new day in Elk Grove. We are here! We have moved in from all over California. We are diverse...we represent different cultures and Elk Grove deserves better representation.

Ms. Craft will represent the Everyday People of Elk Grove! We People of Color and our allies need her!

Unknown said...

Shirley Chisholm said...

Bekker Boo...Are you looking for another lap to sit on now that Detrick is leaving? We know that you are canvassing for the Spease campaign. Like Forks said, let him speak for himself. He is a Donald Trump loving REPUBLICAN. So that means he condones racism and bigotry. And what does that say for the people in District 3? District 3, which is one of the most diverse districts. The District that he moved into only 18 months ago seeking political nepotism.

You are asking Ms. Craft to write a public statement! Why? We all know the ploy here. Elk Grove residents are smart enough to see the politics on the City Council dais. Stop trying to think you are in some inner circle, we see YOU!

And Bekker Boo...you are so busy to call out everyone else, but not once have you spoken about Detrick and his FPPC violations. Not once have you called him unethical for spending approximately $100,000 of his campaign finances on his sons legal fees. So, you are only pointing fingers at people of color?

Bekker Boo...get your red neck out of the sand. We SEE YOU TOO!

Tell Spease to put REPUBLICAN on all of his campaign materials and stop trying to fly under the radar and fool the people of District 3. He is bought and bossed!

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Like many Republican candidates and elected officials who support the President, Mr. Spease is probably living in fear. While Mr. Spease seems to be a decent fellow, but taking a resolute stance against white supremacy and vulgar Presidential behavior put on display during the debate will not only aggravate many of his old-time Elk Grove supporters who have less than an enlightened world view, it could jeopardize his fat DOD contracts.

Eye on Elk Grove said...

The people of Elk Grove have every right to ask their local electeds and/or candidates where they stand on this issue. Elk Grove has not been immune to racial issues. And if you think for one second, we don't have white supremists living in our city, than think again.

As Elk Grove City Council member Pat Hume told the city of Elk Grove Diversity Committee, "I have told people (meaning Elk Grove District 2 residents) to put their white hats back in the closest."

Trump's vulgar comment gave the people Hume was talking about the go ahead to take them out - that is, if they ever put their white hats away - and "stand by!"

White Hat said...

Unknown aka Shirley Chisholm, my comment was to Spoons and Forks. Spoons knows what I was talking about. Maybe she'll explain it to you.

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