Hmong-American Ad Hoc group plans mid-week protest march against Elk Grove School District, Trustee

Next week a group who says their culture has been subjected to racist comments by an elected official has planned a protest march. The...

Next week a group who says their culture has been subjected to racist comments by an elected official has planned a protest march.
The Hmong-American Ad Hoc group has scheduled a march on Wednesday, September 16, to protest what they say were racist comments directed at them by Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen. People of Hmong descent and their coalition of supporters in the Elk Grove-Sacramento area said comments made by Singh-Allen about the Hmong clan system were racist and demeaning to the culture. 
Singh-Allen made her comments about the Hmong clan system following accusations against Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly, who is of Hmong descent, that, along with his actions, used the clan system to harras political rivals. One of the people who accused Ly was Singh-Allen.
As a result of the accusations against Ly and members of the Hmong clan system presented by Singh-Allen and her fellow school district Trustee Nancy-Chaires Espinoza and Cosumnes Community Services District Director Jaclyn Moreno, the Elk Grove City Council asked the Sacramento County Grand Jury to investigate the allegations. It is unknown if the grand jury has accepted the city's request.  
In comments on social media and published reports, Singh-Allen called on Ly to dismantle the centuries old Hmong clan system. The clan system is a keystone of the Hmong culture, and many in the Hmong community and their supporters found the comments to be racist. 
In response, the Hmong-American Ad Hoc group held a protest rally at the administrative offices of Elk Grove Unified School District on August 28 that attracted more than 200 participants and several speakers. The school district also received a letter from attorney Ali Moua on behalf of Hmong-Americans with students enrolled in the district demanding corrective action against Singh-Allen, which they said they had no jurisdiction over.   
A Twitter post from one of the August 28 protest organizers, Marie Vue, seemingly acknowledged the district's refusal to address their concerns and suggested they will not let up on their demands.

Although no further details about the protest march or who might speak at the event were released, the protest march will start at 8 a.m. at the Cosumnes Community Services District on Elk Grove Boulevard. The one-half-mile march will proceed to the school district administrative offices on Elk Grove-Florin Road.  

Not coincidentally, Singh-Allen is challenging Ly, who is seeking his third two-year term, in November's election. Moua is also challenging Darren Suen for the District 1 seat of the Elk Grove City Council. 

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Steve L said...

This protest seems to be fueled by vindictiveness and selfishness. YOU ALL NEED TO UNDERSTAND THERE IS A PANDEMIC KILLING PEOPLE and the welfare of our kids and teachers should be taking up ALL of the time the board has, not some demand by selfish people upset about a comment made two months ago largely made out of frustration and intimidation.
It really needs to stop. As the Sac Bee stated on August 18, the unpublished letter representing the Hmong clan system demanding Ms Signh-Allen's resignation is a perfect example of "controlling and intimidating system used to attack and silence these women." - Yes, women, more than four confirmed, which ESTABLISHES A PATTERN. All are women of color and diverse backgrounds.
Ali Moua's letter demanding the EGUSB dismiss Bobby Singh-Allen was pitiful and shameful. He made his demand, it was met with a response that is not appropriate in his eyes, so now what's his strategy now. The board has called his bluff.
It's important to understand that Mayor Ly, had "acknowledged their pain" and stated he was "deeply sorry for their pain and suffering" but accepted no personal responsibility whatsoever. Not a good quality in a leader. What's worse, now he's been found on Hmong tv stating ALL THE WOMEN ARE LYING. So was he lying at council when he said he believed the women or on Hmong tv when he called them liars? At that point HE ESTABLISHED HIMSELF AS A LIAR; another attribute as we look to the next election.

Let the school district do their business and let the voters decide who the best leader for the city is on November 3.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Bottom line...the average Elk Grove family doesn't even know who our Mayor is, nor cares. Matter of fact, some of the candidates running for office this election cycle probably had to use their GPS to find City Hall to pull papers!

While Bobby "The Piranha" Singh-Allen attempts to chew Ly down to his bones, and Steve "What's In It For Me" Ly hands out potted plants, the pandemic and loss of family income is front and center of most families (unless you are a protected public sector employee).

Two bullies don't make it right...

Eye on Elk Grove said...


Josie said...

Looks like Singh-Allen has the fight she wanted...a one on one with the Mayor. Have no clue what she thinks it will take to win this one...we know where Ly will take us. So far all I've read or heard is trading punch for punch and who brought the biggest wheelbarrow full of manure to City Hall/Press from both of them.

Has Elk Grove really sunk this's time to turn this spigot off! We're all just trying to survive during these uncertain times.

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