Spease delivers first mailer in Elk Grove City Council District 3 race

In the competitive race for Elk Grove's open District 3 City Council seat, candidate Kevin Spease is the first candidate to distrubute a mailer to registered voters. Spease, a former Elk Grove Planning Commissioner and 2016 Elk Grove mayoral candidate, is one of five and the only Republican seeking to fill the seat that is being vacated by three term Councilmember Steve Detrick.

In his mailer, a letter inside an perosnalized addressed evelope, Spease cites his long ties to the community and noted the relative small-size of the Elk Grove over 40 years ago and how the city has grown. Spease writes "our city was a great place to live: it's safe, neighbors knew each other, and I could ride my bike to school as a child. Elk Grove has certainly grown, but I think we all want that same sense of commuity."

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Addtionally, the letter has five bullet points that include items on public safety, and economic development ideas. 

Spease also noted the unique nature of campaigns during the COVID19 pandemic saying he has been unable to directly talk with voters. He notes "In a 'normal' year, I'd be knocking on your door to talk to you about the community. This year has been, of course, not very normal."

As one of five candidates, Spease has received the endorsement of fellow Republican Detrick and the Elk Grove Police Officers Assocation. Among the campaign signs the Spease campaign has placed throughout the district, several note his law enforcement endorsement. 

Spease is the lone Republican in a district that has an overwhelming Democratic Party registration advantage. The Democratic Party of Sacramento County has targeted District 3 as its second highest priority in the county in their red to blue get out the vote activities to flip representation. 

Although there are fewer Republicans registered in District 3, there are three Democratic candidates seeking the office including Maurren Craft, Amandeep Singh, and Alejandro Gutierrez-Duncan. Craft, who ran against Detrick in 2016, has received all the local Democratic Party endorsements. 

The fifth candidate in the race, Lynn Wheat, is an independent.   

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

If I were Mr. Spease, I wouldn't be doing a victory dance just yet. Point of fact, Mr. Singh mailed me a letter with a birthday greeting about 3 weeks ago, so Spease was not the first to do mailers.

Second, I received a door hangar from Lynn Wheat about two weeks ago with a personalized greeting. Spease's door hangar just has his sales pitch. Seems like Spease's letter is an attempt to copy Wheat's format and do damage control after the fact. And finally, I notice Spease signs placed illegally all over town on city public right-of-way. I guess illegal campaigns are the new norm now.

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