Elk Grove News Minute - Ask this question of your local candidates, part II

Elections have real-life implications, and in 2020, this 
is especially true even for Elk Grove contests. There are important questions to ask candidates like do they support Social Security, Medicare, and clean air and water.  

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

EGN's call to subject local candidates to a partisan litmus test fails to recognize that the more important test ought to be their past voting records and positions they will take on LOCAL issues.

I fail to see to how a candidate's opinion on issues such as Medicare-for-all, Donald Trump, reparations, Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, Obama-Care, gun rights, blah, blah, blah, really gets to why we elect local representatives.

Whether a candidate voted YES on every sprawling development project that came before them; whether a candidate name-drops feel good terms on campaign flyers with no idea in heck what they mean; or promises change but is supported by the staus-quo, these are things I want to know.

As a local resident, I want my representatives to make wise, thoughtful, and visionary policy decisions on behalf of us residents and businesses of Elk Grove. I don't care how they feel about Donald Trump!

Josie said...

You're hilarious DJB, this is Elk Grove. That's not how the system works here....No Pay, No Play!

Steve L said...

I care how they feel about The president and why?
Says a lot about character and values of the candidate

Connie said...

I agree with Steve L. I also think it is particularly important we know where our local elected leaders stand when it comes to the highest office.

Local politics and local issues often set the precedent for political moves on the state and national level. We spend thousands of taxpayer dollars to send the Elk Grove City Council members to Washington, D.C. to lobby Congress every year. We need to know where they stand on “their political moves.”

As concerned citizens, it’s easier to hold politicians accountable locally than nationally. We need to think globally, act locally. I know it’s a well-worn phrase. Still, even though local change may take a while to trickle up to the federal government, the possibilities we create when we take a stand locally can create many ripples that actually affect us nationally.

Local issues can create a background of case law the federal government cannot, in integrity, ignore forever. Local issues and local change can bring global issues to the attention of the national media, creating awareness and more conversation around the topic. We did exactly that with the street racing ordinances and taking the issue to the state level.

The impact local politics has on us and our regular, day-to-day lives is clear. However, for whatever reasons, folks are still reticent to become involved or even interested in local politics. Perhaps they’re jaded.

As a nation, we seem to be failing in so many ways that I would argue the only way to take back the country for the People is through true democratic methodologies.

I pose perhaps the most important question of all: If we don’t take a stand locally, then who will take a stand on issues that concern us, the regular citizens?

D.J. Blutarsky said...

With all due respect to the partisan ideologues, the donkeys and the elephants have both sat on the Elk Grove City Council for 20 years and nothing has changed--Elk Grove is owned by developers and they set the agenda.

With respect to the annual junket to Washington DC, all I ever hear about it is how good the food was; failure to get free money for the Connector (which is the developers Holy Grail), free money for traffic congestion (which our donkeys and elephants helped create), and if my memory serves me correctly, free money to fix the Stonelake levee for CNU's hospital.

Actions speak louder than words. Glossy flyers and big signs will get you elected, and if you're lucky, the developers will repay the money you loaned to your campaign. OWNED!

I still don't understand how Donald Trump plays into this?

Spoons and Forks said...

Where is Randy in all this? As a Trump-type guy, I thought he an[d] Whitehat[e] would be all over this!

Given the revelations in Bob Woodward's book Outrage, simply stated, anyone who supports the President supports a person who purposely and I'll say maliciously withheld information from the public on the seriousness of COVID19 that has lead to needless death of tens of thousands of people. If you support this behavior, and countless other examples of the President, how can someone be trusted to be honest with our local residents? Ever wonder why there are so many Never Trump Republicans?

You are the company you keep!

Randy Bekker said...

So many Democrats are so upset at Trump. Crucify those that vote for him. Have them thrown off a cliff or burned at the stake. As a Bobby Kennedy Democrat since I was 18. I have voted for those in both parties sometimes it was for someone because they were the best choice or against someone because I didn’t like the choice. Using the voting for Trump as a test I will say this. How the hell did he get elected? Why has so many gravitated to his message. While you folks want to be damn those that voted for him or support him take a look across America who supports him an why? For years people from both parties were not happy. We live where are President is decided by a very small margin of citizens as 40 to 45% is locked into their parties choice. Now as Trump gets bashed people have had to be silent in supporting an voting for him an now you want to make it a test. I would worry about the silent majority. Yes it is possible Trump will lose but if you make it a test that is a very dangerous test. You may find yourself answering questions you never meant to answer. I think are local races an candidates should stand on their own merits. They are all good people but in each race there are those who will work for the citizens they represent not their party or those they affiliate with. This group as most of you are left leaning an don’t speak for the voters. Let them decide as it should be an live with the outcome. That is what we are suppose to do. A peaceful election an turn over of administration when it happens this is America.

Spoons and Forks said...

Randy, let's not forget Trump was not elected by winning the popular vote - Hillary was - but because of the electoral college which, in spite of Pat Hume calling it elegant, is a vestige of the slavery compromise when the Constitution was drafted. Always remember that.

And Randy, I am curious, you say you are a Bobby Kennedy Democrat since you were 18. Do you mean you supported him, or voted for him as an 18 year old in the fateful California Presidential primary in 1968?

Randy Bekker said...

SnF if your looking to change the constitution I suggest you get busy. Presidents no matter if you like it or not has always have been elected by the electoral college. Trump is not the only President that has lost the popular vote. Those of us that were old enough to follow Bobby Kennedy but unfortunately to young to vote but liked his views on politics. I guess you could say his ideas an political views could of healed a hurting nation. It’s a shame he was gunned down I think he would have been a good President for the times we as a country were going through.

Steve L said...

Ask all candidates if they'll take an oath to
1) act and vote ethically;
2) act and vote without regard to their donators;
3) do their homework, review the staff reports and put real time and effort into the pros and cons of each proposal and project;
4)before voting, they will pause and ask in their minds if their decision is in the best interests of the city?; the citizens at large?; the citizens in your district?; without regard to their potential benefit or detriment to the councilmember personally.
5) recuse themselves on any matter that may have potential for an conflict of interest, including projects from donators.
6)consider all projects before them and their short and long term affects on the city;
7) listen, respect and consider the views of the citizens, both inside and outside their district prior to voting.

These shouldn't be too hard to understand and they're reasonable, at least from a citizen's point of view. Is the council up to the chore?

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