In Their Own Words - Elk Grove District 1 City Council Candidates Darren Suen & Ali Moua

As part of our election coverage of the 2020 Elk Grove Mayoral and City Council elections, we have invited candidates for District 1 and 3 to submit audio recordings. The candidates can discuss their candidacy at any length they desire. 

In our first of the two-part series, you will hear from District 1 candidates incumbent Darren Suen and challenger Ali Moua. The recordings are posted in the order received.

Ballots start arriving in the mail this week, so please strengthen our representative democracy and vote for the candidates of your choice.

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

It's BS season and I am wearing my polished Campaign Boots, because the BS is starting to flow mighty high!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Suen one of the 3 Councilmembers who were opposed to a moratorium on evictions during the height of the pandemic, and it was later discovered that he was a landlord himself? It was only after Newsom approved a statewide moratorium that Elk Grove "leaders" were let off the hook.

Corrent me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it Suen who was pictured on social media during the height of the pandemic with his smiling family pigging out on a table-full of take-out food, and urged everyone to order take out 3 times a week while families were losing their jobs?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but all those things "he helped bring to Elk Grove", wasn't that simply sitting in one of the five leather swivel chairs and pressing the YES button?

Yep, I'm getting good use of my Campaign Boots this season!

Steve L said...

I'm the first person to state that we need new blood on our city council, but we need to be cautious as we might get what we ask for and it may not be better than what we had. I'm not a fan of how our council cows to developers. I'm not a fan of how Darren Suen dealt with the CNU fiasco (and still does). I'm not sure he hears his constituents and votes in their best interests.

Notwithstanding, Ali Moua, an attorney DEMANDED the EGUSD Board remove Bobbie Singh-Allen or convince her to resign OR ELSE. Well, the board called his bluff stating what the member does on her own time is protected by the 1st Amendment and the issue complaint about had nothing directly to do with the district.

Moua's response? He folded like a cheap house of cards. He's an attorney, he should know about the 1st Amendment. He should be familiar with government and labor law general principles that allow Sign-Allen to have an opinion away from her position on the board. He threatened to pursue action against her in his ultimatum to the board and no one's heard "boo" from him about his threat since the board responded.

This doesn't indicate overwhelming wisdom, maturity, and leadership. I'm not sure this is an improvement over Mr. Suen. Looks like we'll have to pick our poison.

Randy Bekker said...

It’s easy to throw rocks at what has been in front of you. Complain about the representative as everything is his fault. Now there is an option but really have you looked at that option. He has only been in the community of Elk Grove less than a year or so. Moved into District 1 an within a few months stated he was running for office. Seems to be a nice family man. While handing out Sr. food meals the bags on the outside shows his campaign information. Question was it done as a campaign event or giving to the community? If the later why the campaign information on the bag? Giving to someone should not be about you but the kind jester. Cozy with the Mayor since the Mayor is tied to CNU with almost $50k in campaign contributions an the issue of the abuse of women has Mr. Moua denounced his ties to the mayor? In a recent picture of the Mayor standing with doors open to his campaign office it clearly shows a lawn sign of Mr. Moua so I would have to guess no he has not denounced his ties to the Mayor. The letter Mr. Moua sent to Ms. Singh-Allen doesn’t look good coming from Mr. Moua who is an injury attorney plus running for office. His efforts are rookie moves an it shows. Now that by District voting not from District is how council members are elected I think you will find a more aggressive council member in Mr. Suen. He no longer has to focus on the entire city since from District voting he had to be concerned about the entire city. His commitment an experience is what is needed in District 1. You don’t need someone associated with the mayor an making rookie mistakes. Plus Mr. Suen for over 20 years is a committed resident that just didn’t move into the neighborhood.

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