Lawsuit filed against Elk Grove Unified over their refusal to hold hearing on placement of 5G cell antennas near district schools

An Elk Grove activist who has railed against the placement of so-called 5G cell phone antennas near schools in the Elk Grove Unified School District and throughout Elk Grove has filed a lawsuit in Sacramento Superior Court. The lawsuit filed by Elk Grove resident Mark Graham seeks to compel the school district to place a hearing on the placement of the antenna on their meeting agenda.

The lawsuit stems from the school district's refusal to place on their agenda an item requested by Graham. On July 28 Graham had asked, "to present information to the Board about the proposed cell antenna at Monterrey Trail High School..."

The agenda item that Graham sought to put a resolution on the board in opposition to the placement of cell antennas near schools. The resolution also included the establishment of an electromagnetic injury awareness day.

Graham's argument hinges on California Education Code 34145.5 which allows the public to place items of school district business meeting agendas. Graham argues the placement of the antennas that could cause negative health effects for students, teachers, and staff are covered by the code are part of district business. 

“The City [of Elk Grove], AT&T and Verizon are preying on students. New cell antennas near schools will cause students to use their phones more at school, taking their minds and attention away from their classes and teachers” Graham, said. "And the radiation is hazardous to your health."

Graham has led the growing opposition to the placement in Elk Grove of the 5G antennas. The new fifth-generation cell technology promises safe, faster internet connections while critics claim the electromagnetic fields from the antennas have numerous adverse health effects. 

The Elk Grove City Council has approved master agreements with AT&T and Verizon for the placement of cell towers on city-owned light poles. At the requests of the city and school district, the telecommunication giants have agreed to relocate some of the antennas which were planned near schools.  

The pro-per filing was recorded on Monday, November 9, and has not yet been assigned a case number nor has it been served to the school district. 

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