Suspect arrested in vandalism, hate crime of Elk Grove restaurant

Elk Grove Police made an arrest this evening in what is being classified as a hate crime against an Elk Grove business that was discovered this morning.

This evening police took Lahn Hensen, 43, of Elk Grove into custody. Hensen is accused of vandalizing the Umai Bar and Grill on Grant Line Road that included spray-painted hate graffiti on their front window.

Surveillance cameras recorded a portion of the alleged incident that happened at about 5 a.m. today. Police were able to identify Hensen as a suspect.

Police officers located Hansen near Bond and Bradshaw roads. A search of his vehicle led to the discovery of evidence related to the vandalism, as well as items related to a previously reported burglary from a church, burglary tools, and narcotics.

Hansen is in custody at the county jail on two felony and two misdemeanor charges and is not eligible for bail. 

“I want this community to know that crimes targeted at any demographic will not be tolerated in Elk Grove," Elk Grove Police Chief Timothy Albright said. “Elk Grove will not allow the inexcusable actions of one person to tarnish the dedication this community has to fostering a climate of inclusivity, diversity, and respect.”

Hensen will be arraigned on December 21. 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

EGN omitted the most important aspect of this news event--the response by Madam Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen that has been broadcast all over the blog sites and televsion news stations!

While watching the CBS13 news at 10:00 pm last night, I saw them put up a full-screen graphic on Madam's response to the incident. Then I went to bed last with the confidence that my mayor is on it! Then when I woke up this morning, first thing I saw was a Sacramento Bee article telling me all the good things about Madam's leadership style! I swear, Bobbie has us covered, even while we're sleeping!

Kudos to BSA's PR Spin Machine. Her Machine is dwarfing the Police Department's own spin machine and is looking like an out-control washing machine at the corner laundromat! Only thing is, those aren't soap suds piling high up on the floor...but things are still getting deep here!

Josie said...

Well said thoughts exactly!

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