Ali Moua seeking Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee interim appointment

Ali Moua. | Ali Moua, who challenged Darren Suen in the November election for Elk Grove's District 3 city council seat, will seek to fil...

Ali Moua. |

Ali Moua, who challenged Darren Suen in the November election for Elk Grove's District 3 city council seat, will seek to fill a vacancy on the Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Trustees. The Area 4 seat vacancy was created when Bobbie Singh-Allen defeated Steve Ly to become mayor of Elk Grove. 

The announcement of Moua's pursuit came in an email from the Elk Grove South County Democratic Club. The email share information reported being from Moua seeking club member's help to support his bid.

Along with asking Democratic club members to contact the six trustees, who will vote on the appointment, and district superintendent Christopher Hoffman, Moua said, "I appreciate the club's support, and I am attaching EGUSD's appointment process/deadlines as a reference." 

Singh-Allen held the seat following her 2012 appointment to fill a vacancy and ran opposed in 2014 and 2018. The position is on an interim basis until the next election in November 2022. 

Following Singh-Allen's resignation, the six trustees voted to fill the vacancy by an interim appointment rather than a district-wide special election. Other's seeking the appointment have not formally announced their intentions. 

While interim trustees had an electoral advantage when seeking a full term, that has not always been the case. In 2012 Jake Rambo was appointed to the Area 6 seat but lost to Steve Ly in a landslide in the November 2012 general election.

The EGUSD Trustees have the appointment process scheduled for their Tuesday, January 26 meeting, where they are expected to make their selection.   

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Steve L said...

This certainly can't be the same Ali Muoa that sent a threatening letter to then EGUSD board member Bobby Singh-Allen can it? The letter that threatened legal action if she didn't resign? The same Ali Moua that ridiculed BSA for sharing the threatening letter with the school board and others? Why is the writer upset of his writings being shared? Perhaps because it was inappropriate?

Keep in mind the letter was an ultimatum. BSA was to resign or face all that Moua could through at her. She stood her ground, believing in his position, right or wrong. Moua: he folded like a house of cards. Nothing became of is ultimatum.

Seems to this reader EGUSD could use someone of more discretion, less emotion, and certainly thicker skin than Mr. Moua has exhibited. While Mr. Moua is a caring parent, he may not be who the school district needs making decisions.

Steve L said...

That should be “throw” - hate it when spell check does that! Also, “believing in “her” position” not his. Sorry for confusion.

Spoons and Forks said...

Does anyone remember when Nancy Chaires campaigned for the Elk Grove City Council vacancy about 8 years ago now? Her appointment campaign was, if I am not mistaken, "I'm with Nancy" complete with buttons and all.

That didn't turn out very well did it? In fact, it was rather gauche on Nancy and Pablo's part.

Hey, here is a thought, maybe we can get Bob Trigg to fill the vacancy!

Unknown said...

I am glad Ali put his name in the hat. I fully support him and I applaud him for having courage to write a demand letter the EGUSD to hold Bobbie Singh-Allen accountable for her hurtful words and actions against minority sub group. Bobbie Singh-Allen is not longer in EGUSD, so there is not need to pursue legal action. Now is the time to heal and find common ground, to serve children from ALL ethnic background with fairness and compassion, to focus on opening up schools safely, and end divisive left behind from Bobbie Singh-Allen legacy. My child attends EGUSD, I don't want hear another racist attack against Asian Students AGAIN. Bobbie Singh-Allen failed us, Ali Moua will not. Ali's children attends EGUSD, he has vested interest in inclusiveness, quality education, and a better Elk Grove School District.

Dominick said...


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