Four years ago tomorrow and one day from now

Trump's Big Lies were bookended by lies about the size of the Janury 20, 2017 inauguration and 
culminated with the coup attempt at the U.S. Capitol following The Big Lie. |  

Four years ago tomorrow, the disastrous Trump presidency started, and less than 24 hours from now, it will thankfully be over.

What has happened during the last four years will be examined for decades to come and has been unlike any previous era. It's hard to encapsulate the long-term negative effects Donald Trump will have on our representative democracy and society.

For people who wanted lower taxes four years ago got them from Trump. Unfortunately, those cuts were not distributed evenly and help the wealthiest among us.

The stock market, as Trump continually crowed, continued its upswing. But as has often been said, the stock market is not the economy.

Failures during this administration were almost as numerous as the 20,000-plus documented lies and misrepresentation of Trump. Some failures were in policy and other of character.

Recall how Trump tried to sully the late Sen. John McCain? Of course, when Trump tried to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, Obamacare, McCain got the last laugh. 

Oh, and the McCain family helped deliver two Democratic U.S. Senate seat in the late senator's state of Arizona. For Trump, it was always about having his ass kissed.

After spending over seven years in the Hanoi Hilton as a POW, McCain knew better than to cave to the whims of a wannabe tyrant. This is the lesson Republican enablers of Trump in the U.S. Senate, Congress, and through all levels of government failed to heed.   

Speaking of military service, let's not forget about reports that Russian President and Trump's role model Vladamir Putin placed bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan. As was his practice when it came to Putin, Trump did nothing.

There is a long list of failures of the Trump administration. Amongst all these failures of character and policy, none has been worse than Trump's laissez-faire handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we learned, Trump knew the dangers and did nothing to avert the 400,000-plus and counting deaths. Trump put his political interests over those of Americans, and the consequences have been deadly.

And of course, we have all seen the result of The Big Lie about the election results perpetrated by Trump and his sycophant enablers. What we witnessed in real-time almost two weeks ago was an attempted coup d'etat spurred on by the American president.

Just think about that.

Regardless, at this time tomorrow, thanks to a record number of American voters, and in critical places like Georgia, we will have a new administration led by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Our country will have leaders who, at a minimum, will not incite hatred, give comfort to white supremacists, and not engage in repeated lies to the American public and the world, which only serve to diminish our stature.

Biden will be a good start to restoring confidence in our institutions, which set us apart from other forms of government. He will invariably make mistakes but we are confident they will not be intentional and with malice.  

The real change will need to come from us, regular Americans. We cannot allow our neighbors, family, and friends to be lied to and misled in a manner deployed by Trump and all his cowardly enablers. 

Never again. 

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