Elk Grove News Minute - Charge Trump, others for failed coup d'etat

This week's attempted coup d'etat incited by President Donald J. Trump was unlike any other event in American history,  save the Civil War and, and, beyond the impending impeachment and possibly invoking the 25th Amendment, should not go unaddressed. 

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Steve L said...

This attempted coup is now the new low point in an otherwise dumpster fire of Trump's presidency. All those who were responsible for the capital breech should be prosecuted and held accountable. My fear is, that all these arrests are being made while Trump is still in power with the ability to pardon ALL of them. Law enforcement needs to withhold arrests until after Jan 20 and the new administration is in power.
He'll let them all off, scot-free, just because they support him. All of them traitors to the country.

Spoons and Forks said...

You're way to charitable. I think the Donald would look good in an orange jumpsuit that matches the color of his skin.

Eye on Elk Grove said...

"Lying" Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley need to resign as well. Even after the insurrection, they continued their Trumped-up mission. If they were so proud of what they were doing, why did they leave the Senate Chambers? Why didn't both stay and greet their supporters with open arms?

Any aspirations Cruz and Hawley had for 2024 are gone. Both of these so-called legal geniuses proved themselves to be cowards.

Republicans need to look to Mitt Romney and Adam Kinzinger for leadership to rebuild the GOP, if that is even possible.

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