Elk Grove News Minute - Will Mayor Singh-Allen have a lion's heart?

Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen. |

As they have for several months, a group of people speaking during the Elk Grove city council meeting have pointedly criticized Mayor Bobbie Singh Allen.

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Josie said...

While I may agree there are many times comments are made that I don't agree with, I keep reminding myself, "whose meeting this is, the peoples!" Moving it to the end of the Agenda would only show disrespect to the citizens of our city. Ever hear of 'you reap what you sow?'

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Those few vocal Ly supporters remind me of the Japanese soldiers found on remote islands years after the war ended. Loyal to the bitter end, and then some!

As for the 'lioness', don't worry, she'll keep her 'lion's heart throughout the duration of her term. Why? Because she has her eye on the bigger prize. Like piece of raw meat hanging from the zoo cage, BSA finds it irresistable and wants to snatch that State Assembly in two years!

The Lioness will certainly tolerate three minutes of static coming from her small group of haters. Her time as Mayor will be spent on doing symbolic gestures that look good on a campaign flyer; nurturing endorsements; and of course, raising cash!

In about 6-12 months from now, we will begin to see the early signs of what I will call the 'group hug of unity'. Cooper, BSA, Moreno, and possibly Chaires or Weiser doing the group hug endorsing each other for their respective elected positions they seek. I believe in the anmial kingdom we call this a "pride"!

Be proud of our pride, we are Elk Grovians!

Eye on Elk Grove said...

The original Elk Grove City Council put public comment at the end of the meeting so their constituents would give up and go home. That is, until the "usual suspects" demanded that the public they serve be able to address their government early on in the meeting so they could go home, have dinner, spend time with their children, help with homework and get to bed at a descent time to get to work to enable them to pay the taxes that drive, and fund, this local government of ours.

Our nation was built on public dissent. As one former council member from Citrus Heights once told me, "If you can't take the heat, give up the seat."

So is this really about denying public dissent or since Pat Hume jumped on wanting public comment put at the end of meeting about not wanting his skeletons out of the closest?

Steve L said...

Good for BSA! - Although she's constantly attacked and callously ridiculed by vindictive supporters of the previous mayor, she has the heart to put up with these shallow minded dissenters. She's just begun her term as on the council and as mayor. To those who oppose her, I ask- give her a chance to sink or swim. The juvenile attacks on her character need to stop. The attacks slow down the meetings and don't offer any substantive assistance to agendized items.
I'll assume Mayor Singh-Allen understands and respects the needs and the importance of having public comment at the beginning of the meetings. If others on the council can't deal with the public's three minutes it may be time for them to reconsider their commitment to their position and perhaps resign.
The people, regardless of their motivation and desires, get three minutes every 14 days to state their concerns to the council publicly. It's called democracy. Fall in line with it, or step down.

SkyeT said...

The callers aren't loyal to Steve Ly. They're loyal to racial justice, truth, and accountability. I'm sure she'll be raising money. She has to pay off those she owes.

"Sink or swim"? BSA already drowned when she opened her big mouth and insulted the Hmong community.

Spoons and Forks said...

A councilman stalking a woman? Oh my goodness, what is going on with the three men on the city council?

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