Elk Grove News Minute - A one in 200 chance for decent housing

There are many culprits causing, and societal problems stemming from California’s housing shortage. One troubling aspect is the lack of affordable units for families.

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Elk Grove News said...

It should be noted, according to Sarah Bontrager, Elk Grove's Housing and Public Services Manager, there were over 30,000 applications received, but several were believed to be duplicated. Bontrager said she estimates there are 20,000 applications submitted.

Additionally, the lottery was to be held yesterday but was delayed until next week because of the volume of applications.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

20,000 people trying to get affordable housing! This just goes to show that relying on the private sector to solve our housing crisis is a fools bet.

In Elk Grove, the hot ticket for the homebuilders is to throw up those huge mult-generational stucco boxes, pay minimal housing fees, and take their profits back to Granite Bay. Meanwhile, the City is left with an affordable housing crisis and a growing homeless population it tries to downplay.

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