Apology issued by Elk Grove Unified after criticized, ridiculed for post subsequently removed from Instagram

Learning the perils of social media, this evening the Elk Grove Unified School District removed a post from its Instagram after being criticized and ridiculed on the platform.

The apology was issued after a posting that is part of their #Fightracism program was panned. Without discussing specifics of the correspondence they received, the district issued a statement this evening (see above) on Instagram admitting their error and acknowledging they "messed up." 

The post in question, which is currently posted on the Instagram @Elk_Grove_memes account can be viewed below. 

In the grand traditions of satirists, many of the people commenting on the post appear to be district students. As such, the comments on the EGUSD and the memes account said things like "wait hows this fighting racism ๐Ÿ˜… what the" or "they thought they did something here huh ๐Ÿ’€"

The memes account also took another shot at the EGUSD administrators with the following image. 

Better luck next time folks!

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