Parents, students demand EGUSD resume five-day-a-week in-class instruction

Late yesterday afternoon, a spirited group of parents and students protested at the administrative offices of the Elk Grove Unified School District to demand full resumption of in-class instruction. As they have on several occasions, the event was organized and by the EGUSD Parent Coalition.

Although participation at this gathering was smaller than others conducted by the coalition, the organizer remains insistent on their demands even though some in-class instruction has resumed. Currently, parents have the option of their children attending limited in-class instruction, but once in class, lessons are still conducted via ZOOM computer meetings.

Like the other EGUSD Parent Coalition events, this one was held before the regular Tuesday evening Board of Trustees meeting. Along with the return to school demands, some of the speakers demanded that board meetings be opened to the public so they can speak directly to trustees.

Speakers discussed topics from the social effects on students to hardships experienced by many families who cannot work from home can be viewed in the video below. The speaker appearing in order are Liz Tapp, Raya Soss, Lance Christensen, Erin Sommers, Sean Mitchell, and Inderjit Singh Kallirai. 

Additionally, participants marched in the parking lot and along Elk Grove-Florin Road with megaphones chanting "open our schools," "five days a week," and "no more zoom school."   

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Steve L said...

Look, I understand why both kids and parents want schools open 5 days a week. That's a a no-brainer. Whether these protesters believe it or not, the Board understands it as well and would like nothing better to turn back the clock to last February before the Covid hit California.

This Board sought out their positions to make Elk Grove schools better. They undertook their duties out of caring and compassion for our kids, not to rein anarchy to the detriment of our kids. Recall, the Board took on incredible criticism when they shut down our schools early on, earlier than most every other school district in northern California. It was to protect our kids; it showed great courage and foresight. In hindsight, these trustees were absolutely right in closing our schools when they did.

To see a sign that says, "If We Give Up They Win" with pictures of the trustees below is so wrong, inappropriate, and misguided. They are doing their best to SAFELY get our kids back in school. Would these parents prefer the current results of yesterday's news at El Dorado Union High School which quarantined over 200 students due to an outbreak on their campus? Well, would you?

Give me a break! It's time to laud these trustees for their work and compassion, not ridicule them. Our kids will get back to 5-day school when it's safe. - Thank you trustees for not caving into misguided, self-absorbed parents and watching out for all of our kids.

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