Chaires-Espinoza's official response to recall effort - points to unnamed former elected official

Elk Grove Unified School District Area 6 Trustee 
Nancy Chaires-Espinoza. | 
UPDATED 3:15 p.m. 

As part of the California recall process, elected officials targeted are permitted to respond to the effort. As part of the recall effort against her, Elk Grove Unified School District Area 6 Trustee Nancy Chaire-Esponza has released her statement filed with Sacramento County Voter Registration and Elections (statement below). 

Chaires-Espinoza is being targeted by the EGUSD Parent Coalition, a group that earlier this year had pushed for the resumption of in-class instruction at district schools. Among the complaints against Chaire's Espinoza is that she accepted campaign contributions from the Elk Grove Education Association, the collective bargaining unit for district teachers, and this affected her decision-making process in resuming in-person instruction. 

Chaires-Espinoza points out that the contributions are legal and part of the normal political process. Additionally, she claims the effort is part of a long-term pattern of harassment for speaking out against an unnamed politician for that person's attacks on women. 

Later today, the EGUSD Parent Colation will hold a press conference outlining their campaign against Chaires-Espinoza. 

Update 3:15 p.m. Corrected embedded statement posted below. 

Response to Notice of Intent to circulate a recall petition.


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Steve L said...

She's absolutely right here. She's just one of seven votes on ANY issue. The cost for a special election is enormous! All that money will be taken away from the students needs. How is that benefitting our students specially with all they've been through the past 15 months?

Vindictiveness needs to stop. Put our kids first, don't take away from them. If you don't like the board member, vote her out at the next scheduled election. Until then, any damage she could seemingly do will have to be also supported by a majority of the board.

A special election is CRAZY!

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