Hidden Review – Dunkin’ Disappoints

The marketing slogan being used by Dunkin’ is America Runs on Dunkin’. While the national chain works to create a foothold in California and the Sacramento region, so far, they’re runnin’ on empty.

A visit to their newest store on Bruceville Road in Sacramento was a disappointment. As someone who has patronized the chain back east starting in the early 60s, my visit to the new store was far below expectations.

While Dunkin’ seems to be pivoting towards higher-margin breakfast items and sandwiches, for me, they will always be first and foremost and donut and coffee joint. 

Open for several weeks now and the lines shorter, this morning I visited the store. I was disappointed to see two small donut display cases with less than a dozen varieties with matching Munchkins varieties.

A gauge of quality for ay donut place is a glazed donut, so that’s what was ordered along with a large coffee. The coffee was way too hot – possibly from sitting in the heater for an extended period -  and the glazed, while not yet stale, but close, was not exactly fresh. 

I am somewhat loath to criticize the service given most of the employees seemed to be on their first job, nonetheless, the service was slow and lacking politeness. Management better look in the mirror and tighten up their training procedures lest these young folks start experiencing abuse. 

On my receipt, there was an offer to take their survey and receive a free donut with a coffee purchase. I took the survey and will take advantage of the offering and hope next time on the next visit, there is a large selection of fresh donuts and fresher coffee.

If they don’t, I think Dunkin’ in the Sacramento region will fail in their second attempt in 20 years to establish themselves.  

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