AACLAD news conference takes aim at Singh-Allen, Moreno saying 'They made Elk Grove a place for hate' - Calls Moreno a liar

AACLAD President Steve Ly speaking in Elk Grove about hate crimes directed towards
the Hmong community. | 

At a news conference held this afternoon at the Elk Grove City Hall annex, the recently formed Asian American Civil Liberties and Anti-Defamation gathered several speakers to address what they said was anti-Asian hate in Elk Grove. While the news conference did convey information to assist those targeted by hate, the event also sought to call out local politicians whom speakers said were accountable for the situation where people of Hmong descent have been targeted.

AACLAD, organized by former Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly, who is of Hmong descent, featured several speakers, including Ly, who said actions by Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and Cosumnes Community Services District Director Jaclyn Moreno during the 2020 Elk Grove mayoral campaign "made Elk Grove a place for hate."

Other speakers joining Ly were his wife Cua Lo-Ly, retired Sacramento County Sheriff's Department sergeant Donna Cox, Marianna Battiste-West, Dr. May Ling Ly, and Lee Xiong.

The most forceful presentation was by Ms. Lo-Ly, who spoke first. During her comments, she made several accusations with a particular focus on Moreno, a one-time ally of her husband. During her first campaign for her current CCSD position, Moreno shared offices with Ly, promoting her candidacy in several political mailers and door-to-door promotions. 

"Singh-Allen and Moreno continue to gaslight the Hmong community by using my husband, Steve Ly, as their scapegoat," she said

After the multi-faceted imbroglio erupted during the 2020 Elk Grove Mayoral race, Moreno published her 2018 campaign experience where she said he was harassed by Ly's then-campaign aid. During her comments, Ly-Lo rejected Moreno's claim calling her a liar and seemingly turned the tables.  

"Singh-Allen, Moreno, and their accomplices brought a new low to political campaigning in Elk Grove," Lo-Ly said. "They made it acceptable to make it incredibly hateful and cruel; they made Elk Grove a place for hate."

Lo-Ly also said the Elk Grove City Council and the Sacramento Bee editorial board "perpetuated race-baiting stereotypes against the Hmong."

The entire commentary of Steve Ly and Cua Lo-Ly can be seen in the video posted below.

After hearing from the other four speakers, Mr. Ly provided final comments where he not only offered to assist those affected by hate incidents, he reiterated many of the points made by his wife. Ly also railed against stereotypes, accusing a former colleague, Elk Grove city Councilmember PatHume of mocking his ancestry.  

"Or statements like two Hmongs don't make it right by Mr. Pat Hume, Ms. Jacklyn Moreno, and Ms. Bobbie Singh-Allen, " he said. 

Reading a long list of actions against Asian-Americans in Elk Grove like vandalism and hate speech,  Ly also noted, "I've seen Asian Americans being targeted with frivolous lawsuits by associates of Ms. Bobbie Singh-Allen just because they choose to stand against hate and injustice."

Ly also said last summer's complaints to the Elk Grove City Council about him that resulted in their referral to the Sacramento County Grand Jury were frivolous and a waste of taxpayer resources. Previously Ly told Elk Grove News he had not been contacted by the Grand Jury, indicating the city council's request was rejected, and he reminded the audience that an Elk Grove Police investigation found no merit to accusations leveled against him.  

Moreno did not respond to a text message request regarding the accusations, and Singh-Allen declined to comment. 

Ly ended the event by thanking those who supported him and suggesting more actions could be ahead. 

"Today, I have been vindicated and will explore other remedies for me and also the Hmong community," he concluded.   

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White Hat said...

He lost, plain and simple. How long is he going to cry? He was worthless as a mayor.

Randy Bekker said...

Mr. Ly’s wife in her statement states Jaclyn Moreno had an attractive relationship with Mr.Ly’s employee. Wow! All of this is a year later during an election period where a number of women an community members complained about the former Mayor. This press conference last night pattacked our current Mayor an Jaclyn Moreno. I am not sure the citizens of Elk Grove cares about things dealing with election mud slinging. I think there is a difference that our former Mayor showed up for Kodak moments an our current Mayor is actually involved in the going on’s of our city. Case in point the comments and his actions or lack of our former Mayor dealing with the Ghost mall an the land owners (HHC) an the involvement of our current Mayor and the potential of the Sacramento Zoo moving to Elk Grove as one example. I think Mr. Ly’s decisions an actions created this situation that has expanded into something it’s not. It is easy for Mr. Ly to gaslight this as he lost his re-election an there is no new information about something that happened last year during the election. Not sure why this is news!

Unknown said...

Why are so many people are so blind to see the racism that happened this past year in Elk Grove? Is it because we, do not have the "right skin color"? Elk Grovians just need to wake up. Racism is Racism.

For anyone who is still so blinded to see that this isn't about an election, you are the problem.

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Last year's mayoral contest undoubtedly had ugly racial overtones which are a blemish on Elk Grove politicians. To win, however, your fight must look to the future, not the past.

Renegade said...

What this is is Steve Ly's "Vindictive Payback Tour" where he continues to attack those who have exposed him as a poor politician; one who surrounded himself with henchmen to do his dirty work for him. The last statements of his press conference were all about him, not about Hmong people being persecuted. The Hmong may have a valid issue of persecution but they have the wrong leader trying to vindicate them. Steve Ly is always about Steve Ly, no one else. The sooner the Hmong realize this, the better off they'll be.

Unknown said...

After two years of being a target of #AsianHate, former Mayor of Elk Grove, Steve Ly and his wife, spoke out. The impact to his family is something we have all experienced and are familiar with. I know that too well, I was also a target of Asian Hate.

Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen racially profiled Hmong men.
Jacklyn Moreno called for dismantling Hmong Culture.
Vice Mayor Stephanie Nguyen and Darren Suen filed false Grand Jury investigation
Pat Humes said ‘Two HMONGS don’t make a right’


I have also seen comments on social media from citizens of Elk Grove who are in denial, who deflect accountability from our elected officials and continue to enabled Asian Hate. You need not look further than Nazi Germany. Many good people stood by and did nothing while the Nazi party PURGED their targeted sub groups. Millions of people died, millions of Jews died in concentration camps. We cannot let that happen in Elk Grove, the most diverse city in Sacramento County.

I thank Steve Ly and his wife for their courage to stand up against Asian Hate. Know that Asian communities across the US stand with you.

Lastly, for those who pivot from the truth, and continue to perpetuate Asian Hate and enabled elected officials from being held accountable, I challenge you to challenge Bobbie Sing Allen, Jacklyn Moreno, Stephanie Ngyuen, Pat Humes, and Darren Suen to make their statements under OATH, under the penalty of PERJURY, where LYING have consequences.

I leave you with this.

"Truth is incontrovertible, ignorance can deride it, panic may resent it, malice may destroy it, but there it is." - Winston Church

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