Steve Ly formally announces candidacy for Sacramento County Board of Supervisors

Steve Ly (center with sign) with some of his supporters as he announces his candidacy for the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. | 

See Steve Ly's entire presentation below. 

Bolstered by supporters, Steve Ly formally announced his candidacy for the District 5 seat on the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. Ly made the announcement this afternoon at Henry Backer Sr. Park in Elk Grove.

Ly, formerly a two-term mayor of Elk Grove, announced before about 150 supporters. Last year Ly lost his reelection bid for a third two-year term to Bobbie Singh-Allen in a hotly contested three candidate campaign.

Although Ly did not provide specific policy points for his campaign, he highlighted issues facing Sacramento County. Among them were economic development, public safety, and homelessness. 

"We are beginning to see over and over again, certain crimes by certain individuals do not warrant prosecution, "Ly said. "These are things that are un-excusable for me. I think it is incumbent for local boards, municipalities to make sure public safety is a top priority."

For Ly, the 2022 campaign will be the sixth consecutive campaign on a two-year cycle dating to 2012 when he won a seat on the Elk Grove Unified School District, defeating an incumbent. In 2014 Ly ran and won a seat on the Elk Grove City Council and then successfully ran for mayor in 2016 and 2018 before last year's defeat. 

With Ly's entry, there are now three Elk Grove-based candidates seeking the seat being vacated by Don Nottoli, who decided against running for another term after serving what will be 28 years when he leaves office later this year. Ly, who is now an Independent candidate after resigning from the Democratic Party late last year, faces Republican Elk Grove City Councilmember Pat Hume and Cosumnes Community Services District Director Jaclyn Moreno. 

No longer an officeholder, Ly, along with his wife Cua Lo-Ly, who offered introductory remarks, acknowledged the rigors of campaigning and fundraising and encouraged their supporters to spread their word. 

"The road is going to be difficult, and all campaigns are going to take time and a lot of hard work from all of you," Ly said to his supporters. "I am confident all of you here will continue to support me." 

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Renegade said...

Based on his comments it seems as though Ly has chosen the wrong position for which to run.
"We are beginning to see over and over again, certain crimes by certain individuals do not warrant prosecution, "Ly said. "These are things that are un-excusable for me."
Running for county supervisor will not allow him to address this issue at all. Running for Sac C District Attorney would. Surely, he realizes his mis-statement, right?
As usual, Mr. Ly is making up stories to make himself look electable. He's been doing it for years now. Let's see how Mr. Hume likes being in the way of the Ly propaganda train.

Atticus Finch said...

Ly was such a visionary and inspirational leader for COEG. He single handedly put this city on the map! Just think what he can do for Sacramento County! He can solve homelessness, reduce violent and non violent crime, create more jobs, make housing more affordable and improve our education system. Ly must lead again. (barring another scandal rooted in fake news, baseless accusations) GO Team LY!

Renegade said...

Atticus: Are you sure you're talking about Steve Ly and the City of Elk Grove? He wasn't inspirational, he was hated by the entire city staff including his councilmembers; solve homelessness? he didn't do that here, we have serious homeless issues and they were here long before BSA took office; reduce violent crime? Is he Batman? What did he do on this issue? He certainly didn't make housing more affordable, it's been spiraling out of control for years now. As for improving our education, you may have a point here (finally) as he left the EGUSD Board after only two years, bailing out when help was sorely needed.

Steve Ly will certainly get the Asian's vote despite his lack of drive, understanding and humility. Let's hope that's all he gets. We all deserve more than he can offer.

K of EG said...

K of EG

Shame on Steve Ly voting for the eviction moratorium during the pandemic! Good thing the 4 council members did not vote for it. Landlords should be able to still collect rent. It's not there fault that renters can't pay. Even more unbelievable that Steve Ly brought it back for a vote and it passed! The landlords on the council should have fought harder. Don't get me started how Steve Ly didn't want to get rid of the directly elected mayor position! Wanting voters to choose there mayor? Nonsense! Good thing the council members got rid of Steve Ly. He was ruining our city with district voting too. Everyone should vote for all council members. So what if we don't live in the area?

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