What they're saying: Politicians on social media - EGUSD Trustee Nancy Chaires Espinoza

Of all the current officeholders in Elk Grove, few have been on the political scene longer than Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Nancy Chaires-Espinoza. Although Chaires Espinoza has been on the school board since her 2015 appointment, her presence dates to 2007.

That year then Elk Grove City Councilmember Jim Cooper appointed Chaires Espinoza to the Elk Grove Planning Commission. Chaires Espinoza's first bid for office came in 2013 when she campaigned for a vacancy created on the Elk Grove City Council when Gary Davis vacated his District 4 seat upon election as Elk Grove mayor.

After Chaires Espinoza failed to receive the appointment, she launched a campaign in 2014 for that seat. She lost to Steve Ly, who won a seat on the EGUSD Board of Trustees in 2012. 

Interestingly, when Ly vacated his EGUSD seat, Chaires-Espinoza was appointed to fill that vacancy. Chaires won the seat in 2016 and was unchallenged in 2020.

Chaires Espinoza's Twitter account reflects her position as a school board trustee and often retweets entries from other sources on educational policy issues, COVID-19 vaccines, masking, and health guidelines, especially since the start of the pandemic. Chaires Espinoza established her Twitter account in 2011 but doesn't appear to have been an active participant until February 2020 and has 2,011 entries as of today.

A well-known figure in Democratic Party circles, Chaires Espinoza does not overtly engage in partisan politics on Twitter or Facebook. However, on occasion, she has posted Tweets on social and political issues. 

On her political Facebook page, ImWith Nancy, Chaires Espinoza last posted an entry on October 21, 2021. Those posts, which are less frequent than her Twitter entries, mainly deal with information from the EGUSD. 

Before her successful 2016 campaign, the Facebook page was used primarily for campaign purpose.

Last October, Chaires Espinoza posted this twitter entry on the controversy surrounding Columbus Day.    

Also, while Chaires Espinoza did not directly address the in-class instruction of critical race theory, she retweeted this implying support. 
In a rare instance where she took a stance on a social issue, Chaires Espinoza commented on the shooting death of Breonna Taylor. 

Chaires Espinoza on occasion retweets commentary on women in politics and gender equality issues. 

Chaires Espinoza has a robust presence on Twitter compared to other area politicians, especially those in Elk Grove with 593 followers. She follows 900 accounts that include schools in the EGUSD, education and legislative policy accounts, national and local media, Democratic political consultants, and current and former elected Democratic officers holders on every level.  

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