Elk Grove City Councilmember Pat Hume addresses homelessness - 'These things are unacceptable to me'

During a five-minute plus commentary, Elk Grove City Councilmember Pat Hume conveyed his thoughts on the growing homeless problem in Elk Grove and throughout the region. Hume's comments were made at last night's city council meeting during the city council members' activities report.

Referencing the recent alleged homicide of a homeless man by another homeless man near the Winco store on Sheldon Road in Elk Grove, Hume expressed frustration the suspect had been released on bail from a previous violent felony. Hume also referenced other alleged crimes committed by homeless individuals in the region. 

See Hume's complete commentary in the video below.

As noted in his commentary, Hume acknowledged he has been studying homeless recently. Hume is one of five candidates running for the District 5 seat of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. 

As a follow-up, the city will form a task force headed by Hume and Elk Grove Vice Mayor Darren Suen to explore solutions, including possible ordinances addressing the situation in Elk Grove. City staff will present information on the formation of the task force and limitations to the actions that can be pursued at a future meeting. 

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