Elk Grove's purchase of 100-acres paves the way for Sacramento Zoo relocation

Although there was no discussion of the relocation of the Sacramento Zoo to Elk Grove, actions taken Wednesday night by the Elk Grove City C...

Although there was no discussion of the relocation of the Sacramento Zoo to Elk Grove, actions taken Wednesday night by the Elk Grove City Council indicate the move is underway.

By a unanimous vote, the Elk Grove City Council decided to purchase 100-acres in the city's Southeast Policy Area (SEPA) that could be used for new zoo facilities. The purchase price of the parcel is $9 million and is being acquired with money from the economic development fund and the $5.4 million proceeds the city received from the sale of 44-acres on Grant Line Road to Kubota for their distribution center.  

Elk Grove and the Sacramento Zoo announced last September they entered a six-month negotiation period to relocate the facility from Sacramento's Land Park neighborhood. The zoo has been there for over 94-years and cannot expand its 15-acre site.

Although the city seems intent on pursuing the relocation of the zoo, no public hearings have been held pending the release of a feasibility study. That study will be revealed in the coming weeks, and a series of workshops are planned. 

While the city has not discussed who pays for the relocation of the animals or construction of the facilities and landscaping, one possibility is the issuance of revenue bonds. The debts do not require voter approval, and their issuance is based on an identified revenue stream to meet payment obligations.   

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Hey City, please don't insult us by pretending to hold legitimate workshops and public hearings on the zoo. The decision to enter into a $9 million land purchase contract with a non-refundable $100,000 deposit, and increasing the land purchase from 60 acres to 100 acres pretty before releasing the feasibility report much tells it all.

Opponents of the zoo will be labeled as being anti-economic development, and we all know tracking our taxpayer dollars to evaluate whether the incentives were cost-neutral or profitable will be impossible.

One favor...Can us little people at least get an animal building named after us? Maybe "The Jackass Building", dedicated to all the fine taxpayers who put up with all the shenanigans year after year?

K of EG said...

So, your telling us this city council is moving forward with a zoo that its hometown twice Elk Grove's size can't even support? I will not be voting for anyone of you or anyone you support. The zoo will bring a increase in taxes to house, feed, and maintain the animals. What a bad decision!

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