As part of new organic garbage pick-ups, Elk Grove to distribute new containers; Different standards for HOAs?

As part of the new organic garbage pick-ups to be implemented statewide under California Senate Bill 1383, there is a new color scheme for all receptacles. However, according to Elk Grove Public Works Director Jeff Werner, the city's current scheme is non-compliant. 

Consequently, Elk Grove's contracted garbage collector, Republic Services, will distribute new containers. The program will start this July and is scheduled to be completed by November. 

Werner said customers who do not currently have the yard waste container, which will also be used to dispose of organic garbage, will only receive a regular garbage can and the recycle container.

Another consideration Elk Grove and Republic Services are addressing is garbage collecting in neighborhoods with homeowners' associations. Often HOAs have space and garbage can placement requirements that will not accommodate a third container.  

In an email, Werner wrote, "City staff is currently working with CalRecycle and Republic Services to determine how and when properties with space limitations and or HOAs will receive an organic waste cart. While properties in these communities may not require a cart for yard waste, a cart for food/organic waste may still be required."

Werner also said the city is exploring other options for HOAs and other areas with space restrictions, including the following:

  • A shared collection bin(s) for residents
  • Shared collection areas provided by the HOA
  • A redesign to address current space limitations
  • A 5-Year exemption waiver based on space limitations.

"Ultimately, City staff, with the assistance of Republic Services, will aid and guide each HOA or space limited property on how best to achieve compliance," Werner added. 

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Renegade said...

The article doesn't address this issue, but let me guess, the new protocols will come with an increase in costs, right?
With inflation skyrocketing, gas and food prices increasing daily, citizens are struggling. Now we have to pay additional costs for shiny new trash receptacles? - Give me a break!

Is anyone out there reasonable?

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