Elk Grove News Minute - Elected officials to act for their patron's benefit, not yours

Elk Grove News readers know we report on contributions received by candidates and elected officials. When asked by a reader why the answer is simple.

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Did you know Elk Grove has two different Keys to the City programs? Most of us are familiar with the highly publicized Key awards for achievements like a local race car driver or singer hitting the big-time. Those keys are symbolic and don't really open any doors.

But there is also a less publicized version of the Key to the City program that really does open doors, or should I say bank doors!

To earn a real Key to the City that truly opens doors, one must donate large amounts of cash or equivalent to all five City Council members, or at least a three-person majority to ensure that future votes will swing your way. Like an iceberg which has most of its mass hidden underwater, the donated "cash or equivalents" need not necessarily be 'above board', but rest assured, once you navigate through those murky waters, your corporate bank accounts will thank you!

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