Hume is apparent winner of ballot statement 'teacher' skirmish but will it cost him?

One of the interesting side stories in the District 5 Sacramento County Supervisors race was an earlier skirmish involving Republican and Elk Grove City Councilmembers Pat Hume's ballot statement. Hume's initial description of his occupation as a teacher was met with protest from supporters of another Board of Supervisors candidate, Cosumnes Community Service District Director, Democrat Jaclyn Moreno.

After Moreno's supporters objected to the description, saying Hume had acquired a substitute teacher certification in February was trying to mislead voters. As widely reported in late March, Hume, who reportedly was a substitute teacher for two days, was instructed by Sacramento County elections officials that designation could not appear in the statement.  

What should have been a minor kerfuffle in the heated four-candidate race that was dead could have been resurrected. In Sacramento County Voter guides that were mailed show Hume's occupation in the candidate statement as "Councilmember/Businessman/Teacher." 

The question is how did this appear? Was there faulty reporting, did the county make a mistake, or did Hume win the skirmish?   

Regardless of how the designation made its way to the voter guide, it could be a tool for Moreno, and the other two candidates, former Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly and Alex Joe, who could metaphorically bludgeon Hume with claims he is deceptive. 

Then again, given many politicians' stock in trade is voter deception, Hume might avoid fallout lest his opponents face similar accusations. Time will tell if Hume is attacked as being deceptive.  

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Eye on Elk Grove said...
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Eye on Elk Grove said...

Respectfully EGN, there are many SHADES of truth-bending and Pat Hume does not deserve an “all politicians lie” pass here. In the case of Hume lying about his profession, it is not a “GREY” area, let alone 50 of them.

Is Hume a teacher in the classroom every single day, dealing with students day in and day out, behavioral issues, threats of violence, spending his own money on school supplies because EGUSD does not provide enough money, not to mention preparing hours of lesson plans? No, Hume is not. It is a far cry from him being a “substitute teacher” whom many “real” teachers call “glorified babysitters.”

What Hume did here was a self-interested lie to deceive voters. Why couldn’t he put his real profession? Is Hume that ashamed of what he really does for a living that he needed to manufacture a very honorable profession? I am sure Hume spent a lot of effort justifying and rationalizing why he lied. Some BS lie he and his paid sycophants tell themselves about the “end justifying the means.”

Tell the truth Pat Hume. . .or are you incapable of telling the truth? Trust the voters, they can handle the truth! And then let the voters decide on their own if you are worthy of their vote.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Not sure who the bigger sleaze is here: The Master of Cliches Hume, or his handler Tab Berg. Either way, what an insult to the intelligence of the voters to think that he/they could fool us into thinking he is a pro-teacher union Democrat and siphon votes away from Moreno!

On the same sample ballot, Steve Ly is calling himself a farmer. Maybe Ly could give Hume a shovel so he can scoop up his own B.S. and call himself a farmer too!

Josie said...

Mr. Hume,you have an interesting work history and career path, and your own unique way of telling your story. Then you commit some blunder on your resume by adding 'Teacher' that turns me off. You do know that those are big shoes you're hoping to fill and truths will always prevail.

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