Golf anyone? No clean slate - at least one City of Elk Grove highly paid executive accepted gifts

It was bound to happen. Earlier it was reported that none of the City of Elk Grove's executive team had accepted gifts during 2021.

That changed in recent days.

Darren Wilson. 

According to information posted by the Elk Grove City Clerk's office, one of the city's highly paid executives found it necessary to accept a gift from a company directly dealing with his city hall department. That person was the city's director of development services, Darren Wilson.

According to his statement of economic interest California Form 700, Wilson accepted a gift valued at $150. The gift was from home builder Taylor Morrison for a ticket to the Elk Grove Golf Classic

That Wilson has a salary of about $200,000 not including a very generous benefit package, and the median family in Elk Grove - the citizens he presumably serves - is about half that and accepts this gift is curious. 

This much can be said about Wilson - at least the gift was reported. 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Jeez, Taylor Morrison already created "Allan Detrick Ave." in one of their new subdivisions. Can we now foresee a "D. Wilson St." in the future? Or how about naming one of those huge drainage pits after him: "Darren Wilson Lake"

Littledickens46 said...

The larger the city government gets the more opportunity for corruption as over-site becomes more difficult. I’m aghast at the generous benefits us taxpayers are forced to pay the ever growing and expanding city hall executives. Way too many positions are being created instead of worker bees that provide good local jobs for blue collar workers. The parks used to get great landscaping when the employees worked for Elk Grove/CSD but it has gone to heck under the contracts CSD now use for our landscaping at parks.

Management and other executive positions need to contribute heavily to their benefit packages. I’m also tired of seeing all the fire and police chiefs hired in for only a few years then collect another retirement from the city after already having benefits from previous jobs. We are not a cash cow for the milking.

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