Letter to the Editor: Steve Ly, The Right Candidate for our Community

Re: Steve Ly, candidate for Sacramento County Board of Supervisors

If the past couple of years have taught us nothing else, it is that the polarizing pressures of biased news media, social media misinformation, and deeply rooted cultural, historical, and regional divides are not unique to our community and have taken a firm hold in the America we know today.

As voters, and as direct participants in a democracy designed by the people and for the people, we should be outraged at the current state of politics in both our nation and our community. Which leaves us with two options. Remain entrenched in a impractical and ineffectual game of ideological warfare, or find representatives who are willing to cross the political divide and work for the people and for the advancement of the district.

We have an opportunity today to move our district out of the darkness of division and into the light of hope. Former Mayor and twenty-five years Sacramento County resident, Steve Ly has formally announced his candidacy for the District 5 seat on the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. As the powers of a county can only be exercised by the Board of Supervisors, it is the duty of these representatives to foster public engagement and encourage public participation in order to assure that any ordinances deemed appropriate for the district by the Board of Supervisors is vetted thoroughly by the will of the people.

In this respect, Steve Ly is not only the right person for the job, but he’s also the only person for the job.

As former Mayor, City Council member, and School Board Trustee, Steve Ly has worked tirelessly for the citizens of Sacramento, including a proven track record of championing issues most important to the county, such as healthcare and homelessness, economic growth, public safety, education, and infrastructure. During his leadership tenure, over 6,600 jobs were created, and crime was an all-time low.

His list of appointments, accomplishments and achievements for the local community is both long and impressive, including stints on the School Board, City Council, League of Cities, infrastructure councils and a recent appointment as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Asian American Civil Liberties and Anti-Defamation, a coalition formed to identify and address evidence of Asian civil rights violations.

Steve Ly has been a vocal advocate for women and women’s rights. He was the first, and still the only man, to have served as the Vice President on the board of a local women’s non-profit for domestic violence. He was one of the first recognized supporters and mentors of the Hmong Women-Today, a community organization aiming to create opportunities for women to connect, empower and thrive. As a result of his fundraising, lobbying, mentoring and, above all else, his unconditional conviction to uplift and empower women around him, Steve Ly has been directly responsible for delivering a boost to the campaigns of many local women and providing them the wonderful opportunity to serve our communities.

But even more inspiring than his performance, it is the honesty and integrity in which he conducts his affairs that continually rises above the fray.

Steve Ly’s actions have always reinforced his words. He has never relied on attack politics as a means to an end, as some of his opponents surely have.

While his opponents for the Board of Supervisors seat continue to target the former Mayor’s campaign with a propagandized assault of lies and misinformation, Steve Ly has chosen to seek friendship over fracture and facts over fabrications.

So, once more, as voters we are left with two options. You can perpetuate the divide that exists within our community by electing a representative that continues to spin false narratives and hateful language, or you can choose the road less traveled and create forward unity by electing the one person running who has an established history of fashioning a sense of community togetherness.

Vote for Steve Ly for the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors.

Ms. Marianna M Battiste, Elk Grove

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

I agree with the author. Ly ran an honorable mayoral campaign despite the mud of dubious evidence being slung at him like dung at a cow chip throwing contest! In his run for Supervisor, I have no doubt Ly will stay true to his honor and unlike his adversaries, will not have to stoop to using tired cliches, staged photo-ops, or bullying tactics.

And let's talk about bullying. The well-timed theatrics of the Gang of Three (and a Half), Chaires (School Board member), Moreno (CSD Board member), Singh-Allen (Mayor), and tagging along on the bumper of the bandwagon--Weiser, all leveled some serious bullying charges against Ly during his previous campaign.The EGPD found no evidence to back their claims; the City Council punted to the Grand Jury; and the Grand Jury decided to not investigate their claims.

In the world of politics and politicians, today's friends can become tomorrow's enemies. Today the Gang of 3 1/2 appears fractured and unloyal to one another. Singh-Allen has broke ranks with Moreno and is endorsing the King of Cliches, Hume for Supervisor; Moreno is fighting an uphill battle against Hume with a skimpy warchest; Chaires appears at some political events but appears to be politically "retired"; and Weiser is still hanging onto the bandwagon bumper hoping for a coattail to fall her way.

I would suggest that unless Ly poses a threat to Hume's campaign, the Gang will not need to go back to the mud hole this time around. And if they do, Hume will push the wheelbarrow and his funding partners will crank up the printing press. Meanwhile, Singh-Allen has her own political aspirations and is too busy photo-opping with those above her pay grade to give serious concern for the Supervisor race; Moreno will be too busy trying to keep up in the marathon to level new or even old charges against Ly; and Ly himself will show up to the race with a boatload of cash ready to do battle.

Let the games begin!

Renegade said...

I'll agree that both local and national politics have become polarizing and divisive, more so than any other time in our nation's history and to the detriment of our basic concepts of democracy.

Steve Ly has had a hand in this divisiveness and polarization, more so than any other local politician. He has never "worked tirelessly for the citizens of Sacramento." He was a school board member in Elk Grove for a short time, leaving his position and the kids he promised to advocate for during his campaign to run for higher office. He was the mayor of Elk Grove, not Sacramento.
As the mayor he was lazy, abusive and harassing, mostly toward women. He was rude toward constituents. The council disliked him due to his laziness. His abuses became so bad the EGCC requested a Sacramento Grand Jury investigation into him and his practices. Luckily for Ly, he was voted out of office before the grand jury could investigate.
Ly, while the mayor of EG, advocated for the illegal Hmong pot growers of Tuolumne County against the County Sheriff and existing law.
He's never done anything for the homeless or for local infrastructure. He's always been about self promotion and his next photo op. He's lied on his on-line resume about graduating from UCD Law School. It was removed only after he was threatened with exposure.

Don Nottolli has been a tireless advocate for the citizens of this district, to hand his district over to Steve Ly would be a total and complete travesty to all concerned.
Steve Ly is not who we want in Dist 5!

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