About 10-percent of 2021 national vehicle fatalities occured in California; Elk Grove Police increasing motor officers

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As the highest populated state, California leads other states in many categories, one of which, unfortunately, is vehicle fatalities.

According to preliminary information compiled by the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2021, there were 42,915 fatalities nationally, and about 10-percent, 4,258 were in California. In addition, the NHTSA annual Traffic Safety Facts report, fatal accidents increased by 10.5-percent from 2020.

Increases were reported in every category, most notably on rural interstate roads and urban arterials increased by 15-percent, and urban collector/local fatalities jumped up 20 percent. Pedestrian fatalities increased 13 percent, and pedal cyclist fatalities jumped five percent.  

In response to the increase California State Transportation Agency Secretary Toks Omishakin and California Office of Traffic Safety Director Barbara Rooney issued a statement saying, "There is a crisis on our roadways, and our collective focus is on tackling it with urgency and taking a bolder, more innovative approach."

The statement also said, "We recognize there is no single solution to this crisis. It will take a number of solutions working in concert – from enforcement and education programs that seek to change the most unlawful and dangerous behaviors to designing safer roads with safer speeds, and focusing on fixing the deadliest areas. We must create a more forgiving transportation system and add multiple layers of protection that together will reduce the number and seriousness of crashes."

Speaking on behalf of the Elk Grove Police Department regarding the nation and statewide increase in vehicular fatalities, Sgt. Jason Jimenez reiterated their commitment to improving traffic flow and pedestrian safety and working to keep all drivers on Elk Grove's streets safe through enforcement, education, and engineering.

Jimenez noted that the department currently has five motor officers to address increased traffic on Elk Grove road, which will soon increase by two.
"We will have two new motor officers graduating from motor school and will start their field training here in the city next week," Jimenez said. "So we will have a total of seven motor officers and one motor sergeant."

Additionally, two more motor officers will be added this October, bringing nine officers and two sergeants for patrols.

"We want everyone to travel to and from safely on our streets," Jimenez said.

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