Real estate interests launch multi-faceted attack on Democratic Assembly candidate Nguyen tying her to Trump

A frame from an independent committee TV advertisement attacking 10th District California Assembly candidate Stephanie Nguyen. | 


One of the more pointed attack advertising campaigns Elk Grove voters are witnessing is the one launched by real estate interests against 10th District California Assembly Democratic candidate Elk Grove City Councilmember Stephanie Nguyen.

The attack ads are funded by the California Association of Realtors, and the California Apartment Association focuses on Nguyen's 2018 endorsement of Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones. A lightning rod of controversy for many Sacramento County residents, Jones met with former President Donald Trump.   

In a mailer received by 10th District Democratic voters, Jones is linked to Trump. Voters are told Nguyen endorsed Jones and, "Jones stood with Donald Trump in the White House to blame California's crime on immigrants, Stephanie Nguyen endorsed Scott Jones."

The image has Jones in his sheriff's uniform with a half-toned image of Trump behind him. The flip side of the mailer endorses Democratic Sacramento City Councilmember Eric Guerra and highlights his endorsement by Planned Parenthood. 

The other instrument used against Nguyen's candidacy is a video appearing on local Comcast TV. We received several reports of the 30-second spot, which can be viewed here, on various programs last night.

The TV advertisement features several women criticizing Nguyen for the Jones association as well as the Elk Grove City Council's decision not to censure former Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly over allegations that he politically harassed women. The Elk Grove City Council instead requested an investigation by the Sacramento County Grand Jury, which was ignored. 

Interestingly, just before the real estate interests launched their attack against Nguyen, they sent two attack mailers against Steve Ly, with no stated candidate they were supporting, running for the 5th District Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. Many political insiders speculated the Ly attack ads were to benefit another candidate for the seat, Republican Elk Grove City Councilmember Pat Hume, but it could be Ly was set up as collateral damage to attack Nguyen and benefit Guerra.  


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