Former Elk Grove Mayor Ly appears on Commonwealth Club discussing racism during current, 2020 election

Steve Ly (left) and Cua Lo-Ly discussing anti-Asian hate in Elk Grove on the Commonwealth Club's Michelle Meow Show. |

Last week Elk Grove's former Mayor and his wife made an appearance on a show sponsored by the well-regarded Commonwealth Club.

Appearing with host Michelle Meow was Steve Ly and his wife Cua Lo-Ly. During the hour-long segment Ly covered many topics including the controversial 2020 Elk Grove mayoral campaign. 

Ly said during Elk Grove's 2020 election there was "was a coalition that wanted to perpetuate that Hmong men; 'you must beat your wife, you must abuse women and take advantage of them.'" 

Additionally, the Ly's discussed mailers distributed by the California Association of Realtors during the 2022 primary targeting him and Elk Grove City Councilmember Stephanie Nguyen who is running for the California State Assembly. Ly ran for the District 5 Sacramento County Board of Supervisor seat and currently in third place. 

He added, "if you take any other group and said the same thing about them, there's no if and buts, it racism." Ly and Lo-Ly are of Hmong ancestry.

The entire interview is in this video. 

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White Hat said...

Mr. Ly needs to give it a break. Stephanie did just fine with the election and didn't resort to calling racism. Maybe it's time for Mr. Ly to realize that people just don't like him and feel he's a horrible politician. He sure didn't do much when he was the Mayor. Mr. Ly, stop being a sour apple.

Randy Bekker said...

I think the election has shown that Ly is not wanted but Nyguen is. Ly continues to try and make himself relevant but truthfully he would be better served to look outside Elk Grove if he wants to be elected. He blames our mayor and the me too movement but all the local Democratic Party clubs deserted him. His local support left him an it has nothing to do with him being Hmong. The poor pitiful me doesn’t work. Ly road the coattails of other experienced council members and staff and Ly was only known to stop in for a Kodak moment. Sadly his assistant also violated the 1st amendment rights of Elk Grove residents. So you see Ly’s tenure as Mayor was not that successful to carry him to a victory. In fact he has been in 3rd place from the beginning so that’s where he ends his election. I was blocked by only asking an honest question. Sadly not much has changed with Ly.

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