With one week until voting closes, Sacramento County Board of Supervisor candidate Pat Hume plows through cash

Pat Hume's advertisements have been showing up on numerous online platforms. | 

In a signal that he is pushing hard to close the deal, which in this case is to surpass the 50-percent vote threshold, Sacramento County Supervisor District 5 candidate is plowing through his cash.

According to his California Form 460 filed last week and a recent late contributions report, Hume has raised $245,489. As of May 21, he had $25,596 on hand.

Among Hume's, most significant expenses have been advertising. Hume funneled $62,882 through his campaign consultant, TAB Communications, for advertising. In addition, Hume's extensive online presence is reflected in expenditures of $28,000 for what they classified as "digital advertising."
By comparison, the other District 5 candidates who have received significant contributions, Jaclyn Moreno, had $37,426 on hand on May 21. Steve Ly, who entered the race after Hume and Moreno, has raised $96,307 and had $36,404.

One political insider told Elk Grove News that Hume's internal polling showed he was within striking range of breaking the 50-percent threshold, which would make him the winner in the June primary. However, Hume has been hit with an attack advertising unflattering items in his background, including a DUI arrest which may lower his appeal.

If none of the four candidates breaks the 50-percent mark, the top two finishers will face off in the November general election.  

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