Oak Rose Apartment project appeal to be heard by Elk Grove City Council; implications await Assembly candidate Nguyen

The proposed Oak Rose apartment complex in Old Town would offer supportive services for clients
transitioning from homelessness. | 

During their next meeting, the Elk Grove City Council will hear an appeal from the applicants for a project denied by Elk Grove Planning Commission. That proposed project is for the controversial Rosewood Apartment complex on Elk Grove Boulevard in the Old Town Special Planning Area.

The 67-unit affordable housing project has generated controversy among residents in Old Town and east Elk Grove because it will offer services to residents transitioning out of homelessness. Residents voiced cited safety concerns, and the proposed housing density, among other reasons, for their opposition. 

The Elk Grove Planning Commission unanimously denied the project on June 2. However, the project applicants have decided to appeal and seek approval from the city council.

Located in District 2, the proposed supportive services development has become a political issue. District 2 candidates Felipe Martin and Rod Brewer, both Democrats, are opposed. 

For District 4 City Councilmember and District 10 California Assembly candidate Stephanie Nguyen, the issue presents a possible political minefield. In the primary, she criticized her main opponent, fellow Democrat Sacramento City Councilmember Eric Guerra, for not addressing his city's growing homeless population.

Should Nguyen affirm the planning commission's denial, Guerra can neutralize her arguments, saying she opposes solutions to homelessness. However, if Nguyen votes to overturn the appeal, she risks alienating voters.

During the primary, the late Republican candidate Eric Rigard carried the District 2 precincts. While Nguyen could pick up Republican voters by affirming the denial, she could provide Guerra campaign ammunition with more liberal voters by highlighting her rejection of a project to address homelessness.

The City Council meeting is at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, July 27.  

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Spoons and Forks said...

I don't know much about Felipe, so I can't comment on his position, but I have seen and met Rod. To steal a term from 45, Rod is nothing more than a DINO. So much for helping out those trying to left themselves out of a bad situation. Mayor Bobbie you take note too - you're on my ballot this fall!

Randy Bekker said...

Wow, you would have thought Spoons an Forks comment was about the up coming election. It is very clear this project violates the OTSPA an the applicant is hiding behind SB35. The city has a number of properties identified for projects like this an the city is willing to discuss this project at a different location or the applicant could easily abide by the OTSPA an leave the bottom floor to potential businesses for the public an move forward with their project by downsizing an conforming.

Renegade said...

So Randy, you're okay with the project on this site as long as there's retail along the ground floor? That's what it sure sounds like.
I'll bet Pat Hume can make that happen and make it a win-win for everyone.

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