District 4 Elk Grove City Council candidate Robles officially reports $4,200 in donations, touts recent fundraising efforts

Elk Grove City Council District 4 candidate Sergio Robles reported campaign donations of $4,280 for the six months ending June 30. Robles filed his California 460 campaign disclosure with the Elk Grove City Clerk on August 2. 

All but two of Robles' donations were from individuals. Robles also received $1,000 from Lodi City Councilmember Mikey Hothi and $500 from the Sacramento real estate law firm Taylor Wiley.

After filing his six-month finance report, Robles issued a statement claiming a fundraising event held late last month collected an additional $25,000. A field representative for Rep. Ami Bera, Robles has served on the Elk Grove Planning commission since the October 2020 appointment by former Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly.

Robles initially declared his candidacy for the Elk Grove City Council District 2 but dropped that bid and established residency in District 4. There are no other declared candidates for District 4. 

The current District 4 Councilmember, Stephanie Nguyen, is running for District 10 California State Assembly position. Nguyen has endorsed Robles. 

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Eye on Elk Grove said...
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Atticus Finch said...

I guess Robles only wanted his signs and his signs alone in Beat 4. What's the matter Robles? Afraid of a little competition? You'll win anyway because 1. you have name recognition from being on the PC and 2. you're riding on Bera's coat tails and 3. You'll have more yard signs. We all know that before Suen and Nguyen got appointed to the city council, NO ONE has ever heard of them before or knew they even existed. Same goes for Robles. Before getting appointed to the PC, he didn't even exist in the public domain.

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