Jones wins ballot designation skirmish with Ashby in District 8 State Senate race

Today Sacramento Superior Court Judge issued a ruling in favor of District 8 State Senate candidate and former California Assemblymember and Insurance commissioner Dave Jones over his opponent Angelique Ashby's requested ballot designation. Ashby, a Sacramento City Council member, had sought the "women's advocate" designation.  

The order directed California Secretary of State Dr. Shirley Weber to "remove from the ballot and all other publications regarding the election the designation of 'Councilmember/Women's Advocate' for Real Party in Interest Angelique Ashby, and to use her alternate ballot designation of 'City Councilwoman'..."

In a statement released this afternoon, Jones campaign spokesperson Michael Soneoff characterized Ashby's ballot designation as another misrepresentation by Ashby. Previously Ashby, who attended law school but was not admitted o the California Bar, was accused of misrepresenting her professional experience. 

"This isn't the first time Ashby has misrepresented her profession," Soneoff said. "Councilmember Ashby previously claimed to be a public defender until evidence came out that she had never worked as a public defender and wasn't even an attorney."

As noted in the order, once Judge Acquisto ordered the women's advocate description removed, Ashby requested her destination City Councilwoman," used instead. Soneoff also criticized that designation.  


Soneff said, "she is trying to hide from her abysmal record of failure on the Sacramento City Council and doesn't want voters to connect her to the lack of affordable housing and homelessness in the City of Sacramento due to her votes and efforts to block affordable housing and shelters for the homeless."

In response to the ruling, the Ashby campaign quickly issued a statement noting that she "can retain her description as a 'women's advocate' in her ballot statement in the Sacramento County Voter Information Guide."

Citing the small number of women in the California State Senate and that the Sacramento region has not had a women senator for over 20 years, Ashby expressed disappointment but said she was not surprised. 

"Today, Dave Jones claimed that being a women's advocate is not a real vocation," Ashby's statement said. "A male judge agreed with him. That's disappointing but not surprising." 

Sharp elbows were thrown in the primary campaign between Jones and Ashby. Jones was accused of being a career politician, while Ashby was portrayed as beholden to the oil industry. 

Jones recently released internal polling showing he has a 17-point lead over Ashby. In addition, the third candidate in the primary, Rafa Garcia, who received 12 percent of the vote, has endorsed Jones' campaign. 

Not surprisingly, Ashby disputed the findings saying the race remains tight, citing her strong support in Elk Grove and Sacramento's Natomas neighborhood along with endorsements from elected officials such as Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen. Ashby, who, like Jones, is a Democrat, represents Natomas on the Sacramento City Council. 

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