A President testifying before Congress is not unprecedented - Remember Jerry Ford

At the close of today's January 6 Committee hearing, by a unanimous vote, former President Donald J. Trump will be subpoenaed to testify.

Even though Trump is now a private citizen, he will undoubtedly ignore the summons, and if forced, he will litigate the matter claiming executive privilege or any other thing he can grab out of the air.

But before all the Trump sycophants and cultists' heads explode with indignation, it is worth remembering this - one sitting President has testified before Congress. President Gerald Ford testified before many of his former peers on October 14, 1974, almost 58 years to the day, regarding his pardon of Richard M. Nixon.

Ford, who was the U.S. House Minority Leader before being appointed Vice President, testified to the House Judiciary committee. While the pardon may have doomed Ford's 1976 Presidential bid, he, like every other President, has respected the rule of law and, in Ford's case, the crucial oversight role of Congress.

Don't expect Trump to follow that precedent.  

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