As you contemplate Measure E, consider this: How has Elk Grove survived the last six years without the $23 million slush money?

In a very clever and not-so-subtle way, the Elk Grove Mayor, her four city council members, and the city hall executive staff has been promo...

In a very clever and not-so-subtle way, the Elk Grove Mayor, her four city council members, and the city hall executive staff has been promoting Measure E, the in perpetuity $23 million+ consumer tax increase. If you are a registered voter, you have received a mailer that the city claims doesn't - but it really does, with a wink and a nod, promote the regressive tax increase.

Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen, her city council members, and a host of devoted followers have been promising a Christmas list of goodies if the tax is approved. How that money is going to be used is unanswered. 

Still, never you mind, the Mayor and her entourage will take good care of that extra money sloshing around city hall!

But as you contemplate your vote, ask yourself this question - how has the city survived in the last five or six years without that slush fund?

By all accounts, and according to audits, the city's finances are healthy. And as we are continually told, especially during reelection campaigns, the city, and as Mayor Singh-Allen said in the video, has healthy cash reserves. 

We ask this question because the bloodlust to pickpocket Elk Grove consumers is nothing new. As you can see from any one of the videos posted below, the city council, for some time (since at least 2016), really, really wants to get their grubby little hands on that cash, but for what purposes, we can only guess. 

And here is the point, not once has Mayor or her subordinates said they need this money for critical operations. 

As any responsible guardian has told their children, there is a massive difference between a need and a want. Taxpayers should say the same thing to Mayor Singh-Allen, her city council minions, and the city hall fat cats - Measure E is a want, not a need!

The entire list of previous sales tax videos can be viewed here.


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Renegade said...

Let's see where that $23M windfall is likely to be spent. Perhaps for funding a full-time mayor and city council? With health and other benefits plus pension plans that will costs us all dearly FOREVER...and don't think this isn't on the forefront of every council member's list for this $$. How about funding their hand-picked pet projects? Seed $$ for the proposed zoo? Money to fund developer kickbacks for favored projects? Let's not forget $$ needed to pay off all the legal costs related to lawsuits vs the city and the accompanying settlements our city attorney agrees to to make them all go away. The latest two that come to mind are the suit based on denial of the low-income SB35 project the city voted unanimously to quash in Old Town and the new ordinance against the homeless that flies in direct contradiction to the 9th Dist Ct of Appeals decision in Martin v Boise. That one's gonna cost us dearly. Keep in mind Elk Grove is the only city in the country WITHOUT a homeless shelter on top of everything else. I don't see the city spending money to create a shelter when their disdain for the homeless is so well documented despite their comments on the dais to the contrary. Actions speak louder than words.

Atticus Finch said...


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