City of Elk Grove announces the dog Zeus was euthanized today

This afternoon the City of Elk Grove euthanized the German Shepherd Zeus that had been designated as a dangerous dog by animal control perso...

This afternoon the City of Elk Grove euthanized the German Shepherd Zeus that had been designated as a dangerous dog by animal control personnel. |


Late this afternoon, the City of Elk Grove announced the dog whose fate had been contested in state and federal lawsuits had been euthanized. 

The canine, owned by Ms. Faryal Kabir of Elk Grove, was taken into custody by Elk Grove Animal Services this summer. In May and then July, the dog allegedly bit two people in separate incidents, including an Elk Grove Police officer. 

The city designated the German Shepherd, Zeus, as a dangerous dog in their statement. The city acknowledged, "this has been a difficult situation for all involved in this matter, and the City does not take this action lightly."

The statement added, "Continued housing of the dangerous animal was not in the public or the animal’s interest. The humane euthanasia of the dangerous animal was necessary and appropriate in this instance."

At several Elk Grove City Council meetings, Ms. Kabir, family members, and numerous supporters had urged the city to spare the life of Zeus. There had been offers by rescue groups that said Zeus was young and could be rehabilitated.

Throughout the ordeal, Ms. Kabir said her dog was not as he had been portrayed by Elk Grove Animal Control officers. As recently as Wednesday's City Council meeting, other Elk Grove families related to Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and the city council, who have remained silent on the matter, what they characterized as heavy-handed methods of animal control employees.

As part of their legal actions, a federal lawsuit was filed last week against a specific animal control officer, Ms. Crystal Mocek. That filing can be viewed below.  

In an earlier discussion with members of the Kabir family, they claimed that the hearing process regarding Zeus' fate was flawed. They also assert the body cam video released by the Elk Grove Police Department of the incident where the officer was bitten was incomplete, rendering it prejudicial. 

The Kabir family could not immediately be reached for comment. Attorney Andrew W. Shalaby, who represents Kabir, could not be reached for comment on any possible legal actions that might be pursued. 


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Spoons and Forks said...

I am sadden to hear about the dog. I hope Miss Kabir finds the strength to work through this heartbreak.

As noted, Mayor Bobbie and council have stayed silent on the dog. I can't help but wonder if Miss Kabir was a rich person who gave them money the situation would have been different.

Randy Bekker said...

The owner is responsible for the dogs death. Sadly it had to end as it did. Blame is squarely on the owner, not the city or any elected official.

Renegade said...

Randy is right. It's very sad, but the owner is responsible for the actions of their dog. It was given one bite, then it bit an officer. This was never going to end well for the dog or owner. If you own aggressive dogs, get them trained. My condolences to the owner.

Atticus Finch said...

Who says government can't solve problems? Big brother at work here! Zeus' owner just didn't have the right connections and her dog paid the ultimate price. Do you think they would put down the dog if it was owned by a powerful politician or businessman?

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