District 4 Elk Grove City Council candidate Giezi Bermudez - In his own words

District 4 candidate Giezi Bermudez and his family. | 

This year, there will be at least two new Elk Grove City Council members. For certain, there will be new representatives in Districts 2 and 4.

Last week District 4 candidates Giezi Bermudez and Sergio Robles were invited to make a recording regarding their candidacies. Below you will find the submission by Mr. Bermudez.

Mr. Robles did not respond to an email invitation to participate in the voter education event.

Listen Time 3 minute 22 seconds 

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Josie said...

Having met Mr. Berumdez and his family when they visited our residence a couple of weeks ago we were very impressed with his qualifications and loved that he was a long time resident of District 4. He is very familiar with what we, in this District, need in a Council Member. While we know of the other candidate, Mr. Robles for District 4, he has not to date appeared at our door and have recently learned he only moved here 2 months ago from District 2 to run for this seat. He is a single man and obviously knows little of a families needs and wants for this District.

Mr. Berumdez has the skill and knowledge in this particular field and would serve District 4 well!

Atticus Finch said...

Vote for Bermudez! Where is Robot Robles? Didn't even bother to submit a statement so his potential constituents could know a little more about him. That says a lot about his character. He's so confident that he will win his seat, there is no need to get to know his neighbors. This seat is just a stepping stone for RR.

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