Elk Grove News Minute - Measure A is nothing but a Trojan horse

Sacramento County voters are being asked to approve an $8.3 billion tax hike this fall. Who are the real beneficiaries? 

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Atticus Finch said...

Measure A is definitely a trojan horse. What makes it even more likely to pass is there is very little vocal opposition to it. It's being sold as a panacea for the south region's traffic congestion, when in reality passage of this bill will only exacerbate the problem as it encourages urban sprawl and non smart growth. Yes, we do have a shortage of housing but this should be addressed with more infill development, not outward, unchecked sprawl. A little common sense here can go a long way.
Build within, not out. Walkable, mixed use neighborhoods is a good long term, sustainable solution to many problems, including pollution and congestion. Until, our elected/appointed officials realize outward growth supported by funds from initiatives such as Measure A is detrimental to current and future generations, we should expect more and more stoplights in StopLight Grove.

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