What does a contribution to a candidate who refuses to state their position on women's choice, marriage equality say about the contributor?

A wolf in sheep's clothing?

Along with inflation and the economy, the most significant hot-button social issue nationally is women's reproductive rights. Following the U.S. Supreme Court's reversal of Roe v. Wage, the issue's strength was demonstrated earlier this year when Kansas voters, a state known for rock-ribbed conservative ideals, protected reproductive services. 

Even though California is considered the most accessible state for women's health services, with the victory of reversing Roe in their column, anti-choice adherents will continue their battle state-by-state.  

While California, for now, is considered a haven for women's reproductive services, that can change. Part of their process to ban abortion nationwide is to place as many anti-choice candidates in all positions, even in blue states, to begin the process. 

Sacramento County is one of those places where the slow and steady march toward a nationwide abortion ban will be on the ballot. The specific race is in the Sacramento County County Board of Supervisors District 5 race.

On one side is the Democratic candidate, Jaclyn Moreno, whose pro-choice stance is a pillar of her campaign. The other candidate, Republican Pat Hume, has refused to discuss his position on reproductive rights and marriage equality, saying they are outside the purview of the Board of Supervisors.  

Part of the march toward banning abortion is developing politicians on the bench with the same values. Given Hume has refused to comment, it is not unreasonable to believe Hume supports abortion bans and stands against marriage equality (Hume has not also stated his positions on the Big Lie, but that's an entirely different subject).

It is worth remembering that many, although not a majority, of Republican voters support women's reproductive rights while a majority support marriage equality. 

What is there to fear, Mr. Hume, other than revealing your true self that supports a total ban on abortion and a repeal of marriage equality? 

This brings us to his supporters, most notably Democratic Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen. Citing a longtime friendship, Singh-Allen has offered a full-throated endorsement of Republican Hume. 

Singh-Allen can rightfully point to that friendship and the fact Moreno did not endorse her 2020 mayoral campaign. We suspect even if Moreno had endorsed Singh-Allen's 2020 candidacy, Singh-Allen would still support her pal, Hume.

Regardless, this brings us to another aspect of Singh-Allen support of Hume, that being financial. Singh-Allen has donated $1,300 to his campaign. 

An endorsement is one thing; a financial commitment means you are really buying into a candidate's agenda, which in this case probably means Singh-Allen supports Hume's lack of commitment to women's reproductive rights and marriage equality. 

As Hume has shown himself to be untrustworthy given his refusal to state his positions on these two critical issues, what about elected officials of the opposing party who offer significant financial support? Notwithstanding previous comments from Mayor Singh-Allen on these issues, how do we really know what she stands for? 

Could Singh-Allen share Hume's views on seeking a nationwide ban on abortion and repealing marriage rights and using this support to telegraph that message? After all, she gave a significant contribution to a man running against a pro-choice woman candidate.

No one knows but Singh-Allen, but it is worth considering.

Does this hefty donation indicate that Singh-Allen is a wolf in sheep's clothing? It's a question Madame Mayor, unlike her protege Hume, will eventually have to answer to the Democratic establishment as she seeks higher office.   

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Randy Bekker said...

As we continue to go towards Election Day the Democratic progressive dog whistle continues to get louder however it is not getting much traction especially here in California. The most important issues are as follows the Economy, Crime, safety and security, housing, homelessness as abortion to most residents doesn’t even make the radar screen. Moreno like other activist candidates have a hard time getting off subjects with bull horns and talk to the public they would represent to find out the real issues. The Wolf in Sheep's clothing is clear since Moreno is aligned with Serna and Kennedy and Moreno’s own campaign statement is to flip the seat and doesn’t mention she would be representing District 5 residents but instead she states to have a progressive agenda with 2 other progressive on the board. Sadly that would leave District 5 without representation on the board. So who is in Sheep’s clothing? Clearly it’s not the Mayor.

Renegade said...

Randy, your comment, at least to me, lacks any substance and clarity. First of all, you're a man, so your degree of understanding what an abortion ban means to a woman can never truly place you in a position of how this is affects a woman's right to autonomy over her body. What if the Supreme Ct issues a ruling that all men over 40 must be castrated? Maybe then you'd see how women feel about this issue and why it's so important. Sorry, but abortion is a HUGE issue for at least half the population.

As for "Flipping the seat," I'm almost certain the predecessor, Notolli, is/was pro choice. So, no flipping.

As for your comment, "She doesn't say she'd be representing Dist 5?" Of course she'd be representing Dist 5, there are many more issues in need attention, and she didn't say she'd be ignoring them. That just makes no sense. Serna has done much for this community and with Notolli gone, he may remain the one rational voice on that dais. Moreno would represent Dist 5 just fine. I'm sure she cares about safety, crime, economics and housing. Mr Hume's stance on the homeless is poorly thought out and full of legal issues likely to cost tax payers a fortune to defend in court.
The fact that we won't even state his thoughts on the BIG LIE, abortion or same sex marriage indicates his views may be unpopular to the majority of the public and a hinderance to his chance for election.
Randy, you're certainly entitled to your opinion, but so is everyone else.
- Have a good day, stay safe.

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

As for associations, here's a tip for Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen from the late Colin Powell who said “A mirror reflects a man’s face, but what he is really like is shown by the kind of friends he chooses.”

Eye on Elk Grove said...

Pat Hume continuously shows us who he is. Has Hume ever stood up for anything that is right for fear of losing his fellow Maga Trump Republican vote? What people need to question here is Hume's "moral character." Maya Angelou is right, paraphrasing, "Believe him voters!"

And by his comments, is Hume also against gay marriage? I think Elk Grove voters also need an answer to that question.

More importantly, Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen must be called out for talking out of both sides of her mouth. “Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights.” I call on her to denounce Hume here and publicly state where she stands.

“Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.” If the women of Kansas can bravely stand up for women's rights, where is Mayor BSA?

Happy to note that most young people have chosen a path of equality. Let's hope they also vote!

CCO_EG said...

Stop being a lackey for the mayor and call it what it is! You state that abortion is not on the radar of most voters. Do tell, would your mayor agree with that statement? If so, then why is the profile picture of the mayor on Facebook emphatically addressing a crowd in what appears to be a pro-choice rally? Our mayor would never post something online to make her look good, would she? Your comment actually proves the point of the article, which makes me LOL. The mayor will continue to play both sides of the line just as long as it benefits her, and she will take it as far as she can!

Randy Bekker said...

I love adding to the conversation. Some times you need to listen instead of talking. Less than 2 weeks we start voting. I look forward to the outcome until then having open dialogue is always good.

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