Guerra issues statement refusing Big Oil money after Exxon Mobil attempted to donate $1,500 to his Assembly campaign

Last night an account on Twitter reported that Exxon Mobil donated $1,500 to California State Assembly District 10 candidate Eric Guerra. The report was done by @CATargetAlt. As has been our practice, when possible, Elk Grove News retweets the entries when contributions are received by candidates running for any Elk Grove office. 

This is the tweet from @CaTargetAlt.

After viewing the posting, we retweeted, noting Exxon Mobil donated $1,500 to Guerra. Shortly after our posting, Guerra responded the donation would not be accepted.

Here are Guerra's tweets on the donation.

Like any candidate in a competitive race, Guerra's campaign didn't let this incident go unaddressed and, more importantly, unexploited. Today, Guerra's campaign issued a statement on the Exxon Mobil donation. 

In his statement, Guerra noted he will not accept Big Oil donations and turned the tables on his opponent, Stephanie Nguyen.

Along with noting Nguyen has accepted $3,000 from Valero, the statement says "Having spent $800,000 and counting to elect Big Oil friend Stephanie Nguyen, Big Oil’s ExxonMobil filed a report intending to give the Eric Guerra for Assembly campaign $1,500. It was caught by the watchful eyes of the Guerra campaign before the check even arrived and will be returned immediately if it ever does arrive."

Guerra added that he supports Gov. Gavin Newsom's windfall oil tax proposal, and along with the refusal of Big Oil money, he is not accepting tobacco contributions.  

“I am running for Assembly to make a difference for the people of Elk Grove and Sacramento and taking on Big Oil is critical to protecting the pocketbooks of working people in these tough times,” Guerra said.

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