Independent committee receives cease and desist letter from Moreno for supervisor campaign over fraudulent ads

Jaclyn Moreno's campaign sent a cease and desist letter yesterday to an independent expenditure committee for what they say were fraudulent advertisements. The letter was issued to the group "Californians for a Growing Economy and Safe Streets."

The letter from Moreno's campaign attorney was addressed to the committee's listed principal, Michelle Smira, to immediately stop what they said were "inaccurate and libelous attack ads." Moreno is competing with Pat Hume for the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors District 5 seat.


The ads, which were seen on several online sites, including Elk Grove News, labeled Moreno as a tax fraud. Moreno's campaign said they learned about the ads from an unspecified good-government watchdog group. 

In a statement issued today, Moreno's campaign said the ads "have no basis in fact and have been developed purely to defame Moreno's character." 

The statement said the ads claim the Moreno family residence had a lien placed by Sacramento County for non-payment of taxes and that "with a simple query to the County of Sacramento, has been proved inaccurate and dishonest."

"Moreno also said, "attacks like this ad are why people don't trust the political system – special interests will go to any lengths, including inventing false claims, to malign candidates' character."

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

This attack is right out of the Dirty Tricks Campaign handbook! If the race is close, whip out your false claims at the last minute so your opponent doesn't have time to counter with a rebuttal flyer.

Sorry, a cease and desist letter sent to their expenditure committee is not as effective as a misleading glossy flyer in the hands of a voter, but what else can Moreno do? The tax lien card was also played by Guerra against Nguyen, and she filed a lawsuit filed which cannot possibly be heard before the election. 
Last campaign, Mayor Bobbie used credit card debt and harassment claims against Steve Ly. In the world of political mudslinging, I guess this is the season of tax liens!

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