Only 13 percent of ballots returned in Sacramento County

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As of Friday, October 28, only 13 percent of ballots in Sacramento County have been submitted, according to Political Data Inc. 

Of the 862,659 ballots mailed to registered voters, 111,316 have been returned for processing. While Democratic voters make up 46 percent of the total countywide, they are submitted at a slightly higher rate than their share of the total population.

Democratic voters have returned 50 percent of the total. Likewise, Republicans, 25 percent of the county total, are 29 percent of the returned ballots.

Independent, non-affiliated voters, which often determine the outcome of close races, make up 29 percent of the total voters. However, unlike their Democratic and Republican counterparts, they lag, with only 21 percent of ballots submitted. 

Not surprisingly, voters 65 years and older, the smallest group of voters by number, are participating at the highest rate. Through October 28, 29 percent of voters in this group have returned ballots.

Conversely, 18 to 34 years old voters are the largest numeric group, with 226,416 voters, who have returned 10,012 of their ballots for a paltry four percent of their total population. 

With the money still flowing into many independent expenditure groups and so many outstanding ballots, especially independents, voters and TV audiences can expect the continuous flow of mailers and TV commercials for another week.  

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