SACOG statement on Yes on Measure A mischaracterized campaign mailer – Proposed ‘projects could jeopardize our ability to meet our legally required GHG targets’

Even though Sacramento County Measure A proponents are well-funded and have the upper hand in the battle over the $8.5 billion tax increase, there is growing resistance. Along with a loose coalition of opponents and the website and social media site No Way on Measure A, proponents have received pushback from the Sacramento Area of Governments, SACOG.

In response to mailers sent by the Yes on Measure A, SACOG issued a statement today with some clarifying information today. While the multi-jurisdictional agency cannot take a stance on the controversial tax increase, they did say the Measure is not compliant with greenhouse gas (GHG) targets.

Here is the link to the SACOG statement on their website. The analysis referenced in the statement can be viewed below the SACOG statement.

Here is the complete statement:

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Atticus Finch said...

Very interesting statement put out by SACOG that unfortunately will most likely go largely unnoticed by the uninformed and ill informed general public. How ironic that projects planned by Measure A funding could jeopardize SACOG's goals of meeting GHG reduction objectives. In fact, they run contrary to GHG reduction plans. So it begs the question then what will all that money be used for?? What does the MOU between SACOG and STA say? oops too late. People have already voted. Ballots are in the mail. thanks for playing!

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